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  1. For all the bragging going on it doesn't mean much without a server reference.
  2. I'm thinking it might be localized, i had one issue of latency on thursday night around 10-11 pm EST, shots were lagging something horrible. Other than that i've had no issues at all, and i'm way up in the NE USA.
  3. That was your whole argument the dual weapon mastery boost to p.att according to your charts and now your going way off base and now are saying its now a nerf to your dps. Man your as obtuse as a sphere. Whats the argument going to be over next? Your spaghetti arm strength at 36 vs the 41 of the top str hmmmm? your a troll as i've now come to suspect. GN, GL, feed well under your bridge.
  4. then why rant from dman and not from dearpie then? cant keep accts straight?
  5. You obviously have the blinders on still, as you completely missed the explanation. It's in sentences 4 and 5 in my above post and i'll give the gist here again. I hope the blinders will be off this time. BDs are bound to use dual swords to activate dances, hence they get dual weapon mastery, it's only weapon they technically should use. SWS are not locked into dual swords to perform their songs therefore they do not get dual weapon mastery. Thats the weapon mastery you seem to be concerned about and microscoping to death, that is the reason. Also i was pointing out that each class has strengt
  6. So your at it again after getting locked. You have blinders on looking at your own carrot i'm afraid. You have pointed out the problem in your own "charts" and can't even see it. Hopefully you'll understand that the BD uses dual-swords exclusively and receives the mastery for that.The SWS on the other hand DOES NOT exclusively use dual-swords so therefore does not get the mastery for it. You have also consistently just looked at this one aspect of the characters while ignoring other aspects of the characters. The SWS has other strengths the BD doesnt have while the BD has strengths the SWS doe
  7. The BD P.att totals could be higher for the FACT that DEs have 41 str directly contributing to p.att. While LEs have 36 str . Have you thought of it from that standpoint? LEs are the weaker of the two, so they should be getting less P.att. Period.
  8. Its not the end if you have this shirt or not, check the l2store i bet youll find a surprise in there now.
  9. If it happened during what YOU all call a futbol final it'd be a different story i believe. jajajaja
  10. I live on the east coast and know what you mean Hime, keep rockin on Unhappy why not drag the item to the sell shop? Nothing bad happens then.
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