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  1. Give to ppl 1 more week of boost event.......come on ..!
  2. Free events for ppl = 0 crap rewards The funny is the reward list...... 0,000000000001% for the top ones.
  3. only 100....? Nice joke guys....this is not Black Friday but Black humor.
  4. @Juji maybe in the future ?I mean in game or with Ncoin ticket.....
  5. They just always ignore that there are ppl who playing tank/healer/iss.....
  6. @Hime any news about disconnections problem that many ppl have this days..? Or you just dont care.???
  7. Another day with disconnections ..... @Juji @Hime and other GMs are you guys gonna do something about this..?
  8. Tha happen to me also yesterday. Well <they> do everything to make ppl quit.....
  9. No xpEvent/No free event/No Red Libra/No lagFix/ gj GMs.......
  10. And what about game lag..?about that stupid 300+queue every day?Did u fix the 16th box drop from mobs...? 12h farm and ppl get 1 box!!! Plz stop that Mentee system/ this is the problem that make lag.....we have tons of boxes around us that xp for mentee coin = scrolls (circlet,bracelet,shirt). This 16th Anniversary is the worst of all time .
  11. Its really crazy many ppl have like 1500+ of that coin/ what we gonna do with that coins?
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