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  1. Chronos down?

    lets pray for that!!!!
  2. Chronos down?

    Yes server down.....
  3. Polaris on Hindemith

    Welcome back ...! Well the game is not the same now as it was from the days you remember it , i hope you find any old game friend around. Take care
  4. Polaris on Hindemith

    Polaris clan exists-->Chronos server.
  5. ty NC 2 days ppl trying to log......if you need help let us know....maybe we can do something.
  6. where get Element Stone?

    Kartia (lolz)
  7. L2 team.....why it takes soooo long to fix that issue? Every day the same problem......
  8. Bring Back XP Boost

  9. Yoba update for sure......
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    Dragon weapons for all ppl!