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  1. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    @Juji maybe in the future ?I mean in game or with Ncoin ticket.....
  2. MIXA Reward the member with the most posts

    But its true!!
  3. hi

    They just always ignore that there are ppl who playing tank/healer/iss.....
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

    @Hime any news about disconnections problem that many ppl have this days..? Or you just dont care.???
  5. Lags, disconnections and wasted runes

    Another day with disconnections ..... @Juji @Hime and other GMs are you guys gonna do something about this..?
  6. Lags, disconnections and wasted runes

    Tha happen to me also yesterday. Well <they> do everything to make ppl quit.....

  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

    No xpEvent/No free event/No Red Libra/No lagFix/ gj GMs.......
  9. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Voo!!! u still here..???
  10. this sounds like the truth

    So true......
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    And what about game lag..?about that stupid 300+queue every day?Did u fix the 16th box drop from mobs...? 12h farm and ppl get 1 box!!! Plz stop that Mentee system/ this is the problem that make lag.....we have tons of boxes around us that xp for mentee coin = scrolls (circlet,bracelet,shirt). This 16th Anniversary is the worst of all time .
  12. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    Its really crazy many ppl have like 1500+ of that coin/ what we gonna do with that coins?
  13. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    Yes there is 3 areas that Juji wrote but FOS os not in the list.
  14. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    For some reason NC make the chance to get the 16th Ann. Box very low.Few days ago i get 1 box per 1h farm now to get 1 box need like 12h!!The question is why? Its really ridiculous and even if you get 1 box the reward 99,9% will be that crap coins.......
  15. Cloack enchant

    @Massacre i think that cloak dont like you.....better cod it to me....soon it will be +7