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  1. Friend, sorry, but the forum moderators are not the same as the game. Those of the forum are much more measured, in the game, you will find little and nothing solution.
  2. If you completed the quest automatically it gives you a scroll, if the quest does not complete you can check that it is giving you the quest items. Those quests tend to hang, check well on the map to be in the right place.
  3. https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2notice/view?articleId=352830&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20 Benir's Talisman Option Benir's Talisman, which was able to strengthen up to the existing level of 25, has been expanded to be enhanced up to level 30 The maximum HP increase among the Lv16~Lv25 options has been increased to the maximum HP/MP/CP increase effect.
  4. Collection Items. https://bj4zdeznm5dzdf5vcd52r663bq--4r4m-com.translate.goog/ru/l2awk-collection-system-ru/ Original resource https://telegra.ph/Obzor-ozhidaemyh-na-ruoffe-obnovlenij-v-patche-Homunculus-Ch3-ver-L2RU-P-201111-01-24
  5. Impeccable, more than grateful for the info. Although it highlights that not all the content will be applied, if a part of these changes can be seen. Great contribution ,.
  6. As soon as you sell it, the name is good or you have to pay to change the name. It already has a crest, which model would be the clan, it comes with an airbag, you can specify a little more.
  7. Enchanting an Atlas ring takes 12 mentees. They are weeks of 12 toons leveo, for each player who wants to have an Atlas +12. That madness leads to lag, having to level those toons, or do they think there are enough new players to get the wind scrolls. Yes, you are right, many things do not help, but others only create a real problem.
  8. Bots have always existed, not that anything is going to change. Everyone wants to take action on the case. But if the bots you call are other players frustrated by other bots? If bots are part of the game so that it does not seem that the game is increasingly empty? Why the bots are and will continue to be can have many causes, and although they frustrate us, it seems like a problem without solution. If you had played 5 years ago, you would have seen bots from coast to coast. enjoy the game
  9. Thanks, but I saw that, the interesting thing is the vagueness (not clear) of the information. If we see a lot of information, but not so timely, nor about what will be updated.
  10. You tell me that the notes are in Dev Tracker? The latest news out there is out of date, Oh you tell me I don't have the group news TS. Well, they are not on the Twitter channel either. You say that there are other channels that are not the official ones in which these changes are published. It is a strange confirmation, but 90% of the server appreciates your confirmation that there are other channels to inquire. In the European page of 12 there are not the notes, in the official site of Korea of 12 either. We don't see a lot of things that are in Europe here, even very
  11. If you didn't understand, I'll go back to school. kkkkk That's true friend, they have the information in advance. They can buy the product well in advance, and make it profitable. GM's are part of those clans, have no doubts.
  12. KRICKK KRICKK. No one is going to reply, these forums are just a formality. Rarely or never will an official answer be true.
  13. No, man, it is not that, it is that they are not directly dropping, I am not talking about a misery falling as it happens again. They are not directly giving anything. \OR/ Or you are telling me that it is a 70% chance that they do not give anything, and 30% that they drop something. You're right, I hadn't thought of it that way, so it's more likely that they are only giving 30% without you don't have a prestige pack (payslip).
  14. It has been many updates that only count money, the codex that were previously free in dimensional 95. The stones that were free in Dimentional 99. The scrolls that were free by faction quest are now sold. Each update removes what is for sale in the store and puts it for you to pay in the L2 store. Besides that no one answers you if you write these posts, only other users who see how they are screwing with each update.
  15. Drop from adena Problem. Hey we have a problem here, in several places (Blazing Swamp, Beleth's Magic Circle, Desert Quarry, Phantasmal Ridge, Tanor Canyon, Silent Valley, Alligator Island) the mobs have stopped dropping adena or 1 in 10 does. The adena will also begin to be sold in the L2STORE ?? Look for the item in the store but can't find it, will you add it next week? Today you can buy adena in several seedy places. L2Store will be one of them.
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