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  1. I see it is used on classic, and I am not sure why it disappeared on live, but bring back the party exp table. Make it worth partying again. This game is so much more fun when played as a group and not just solo macro in a small corner of of the world. We see that exalted geared toons must party to xp in areas on par with their level. Bring back the desire for parties across the board, not just 110-112 area.
  2. the real question is, why the update at all? This is an expansion of upper level content with the majority of the server being too low to utilize it. The quest to kill mobs is neverending, and you all destroyed XP spots. This social distancing of group mobs helps keep melee anchored to a spot, but EVERY spot gives the same xp and it is poor. The race for levels is halted, those that are 115 116 are leveling in spots others cannot and the gap is widening instead of growing smaller. Pvp is completely unbalanced due to the majority of people not being anywhere close to the top, and are b
  3. i have a Super advanced seed bracelet lvl 3 that claims it can be upgraded at santiago using star signs. Will this ever become reality or should everyone with a lvl 3 just sell the star signs?
  4. Dumb question maybe but, are you selecting the "receive 1st and 2nd Exalted completion rewards" option instead of quest line from Lionel? I know i missed that when i first came back and i was fully exalted before i came back at 102. The dragon shirt is no joke. gotta make sure you get it.
  5. What people have to understand is those that are “end game pvp ready” have usually been playing for years. Most new players now do not learn their character. They macro farm and afk. Get in or create a clan and compete with other like level clans. Build up pvp constant parties and learn to work as a team. Get to know your character and learn to love the game slowly like people who have been playing since 2003. it’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless you want to spend real life money. Then you can spend thousands of dollars, get levels quickly, and not know how t
  6. This game has been around since 2003. a lot of us have been around for the majority of that time and remember days of actual in game support. We have seen exploits, reported exploits and often nothing is done. A character using an in game mechanic, developed years ago and still in use today, to gain access to a location where everyone has the ability to access should they utilize a very old part of the game instituted years ago as a reward for hard work as a clan and ally, is NOT a bannable offence. Tactics are a huge part of this game and just because a character is smart enough to
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