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  1. Personally i like your optimistic way to see those things, but imagine how many months you have to gather that low adena income for a weapon.... Let me give you a hint. Invest in one round of NCoins and get 20-50 billion adena and start watch the market. Take some event items which obviously are cheap in event and after a period just resell them. Is an easy way to get a decent amount of adena back as profit, but you need a start of adena which can boost you up pretty fast if you got some patience
  2. Heya, @Juji, @Hime, please let us know if u have a feedback regarding the melee lag, it is insane to play with it!
  3. Heya, @Juji, @Hime, guys please give us a feedback, that melee lag in "happy hour" event time is even worst, all time to play with a delay that is incredible nerf to melee classes, ok we understand that there are some problems bla bla waiting the mighty devs for a QQ update, but give at least a feedback what's the status, work in progress, abandoned, never gonna happen, in 2 weeks,etc. We talk all day here about melee lag and 0 but 0 feedback from you! Please give us some info's regarding that problem. That is not something to not take care in the top 1 priority.....we have events etc
  4. That's a far better opinion, i am here since many years ago. I know all the drama but that server was fine, they just had to employee more personal. I agree 100% with your down mentioned opinion. For me is 18 GMT+2 so server maintenance is just lol for me.
  5. I agree with you a small part, but mostly what you say is a crap. Let me put it to you like this: West is the only server which don't have a test server. Every time they screw up an update or something else is because we are the "rats" that are testing and screaming and QQ'ing @. If they had a test server to implement the updates, some personal to test the zones, test some bugs it was different i guarantee you. They get the patch, they implement hey hey hurray and after 30 mins fail. So don't be so happy, is like i give you a sh1t, you eat it and after i try to give u some cakes to
  6. Hey would be nice from you for all this inconvenience (we got 3X restarts and lot of people lost XP) to give GM Buffs + 1 week more on XP Event. We lost spots where we farm, we lose time, we lost prestige and other runes time, we need some kind of compensations cause is not a problem to log in, the problem is to find farming area!. That danddy buff is more or less useless. So please GM Buffs + 1 more week of event at least ! Regards
  7. Don't get me wrong i am from EU and i work on financial domain, i know most of the issues which are behind such a contest, the main focus i want you to have is on the high prices @ events and L2Store. The comparison was just an example, give me the opportunity to take +16 weapons for 75 $ and i will take a bunch of them just for enchanting fun. In reality on server is @250 bilions, as you estimated 1200 $, the difference is huge. You have plenty of posts of comparison events between EU server and West, for example the mamoon staff event. I completly understand that L2West is
  8. Hello, As i can see, a lot of people ask for lower price on events and L2Store. @Juji @Hime Could we get an official answer about that matter? Do you guys plan to lower the prices? There are a lot of players which will invest if you put some decent prices to events and L2Store. On last screenshot event you evaluated the +16 Krishna weapon to 75$. There is no possible comparison between that and 100 euro for 8.000 Ncoins which are evaluated @ 24 bilion adena in game. The L2Store prices don't justify the investment when we compare it with your evaluations of prices.
  9. I just don't know why we can modify our armor appearace and we can't modify our weapons. It is a sad thing to observe that devteam does not care about L2 community. I understand that there is no interess for free stuffs, ok i am willing to pay it! Put that damn scroll in L2Store, if u can't just give us the possibility to send ticket and be helped with it. Such a SHAME, a company which does not care about a simple small request, you really can't help your community to have some fun???. Most of us want that appearances for nostalgia of old times, or we just simply dont like the new ones. Why
  10. Can we have Red Libra :)? There are a lot of players asking for it, would be nice to hear them and to put that Red Libra
  11. Hello there, Any one have problems with starting the launcher ? It does not download the last maintenance patch and i get the Failed to download the file error. Thanks! BR
  12. I was waiting one replay like MOVE TO EU SERVER !!, not to change country, but yet still a viable choice
  13. @FoToMoTo The 500$ Example was way better! I think the problem of NCSoft is that they don't follow the players!, going on 500$ for a random piece of crap is way too much. Ok i would be first to take a lvl.5 jewel from NCStore for 100$ but for 500$ and a random one is too far away from reality. There is half or even more players on servers which are from Europe, as for my example i am from EUNE. In some country the medium salary / wage is @500-1000 Euro. And you come and put in shop an event with a price equal to a month of work. It is non-sense price, those players can spend le
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