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  1. Early progression

    Yeah it's a real punishment playing in this server solo as gladi Experienced the hard way reached a point where I lose more supplies as I gather adena or only get a small amount with lot of sitting (highly unfavorable) made an elf wizard (will be ES) following your advice, and I barely use any supplies just a few spirit ore to maintain unlimited mp. Not the most enjoyable class for me as I prefer heavy armor and swords, but it will do for now
  2. Lineage don't let me in

    Thank you!
  3. Lineage don't let me in

    After the latest update, the game won't let me in, whenever i start the game after this message it sonn closes, i even run the scan files, bu it didn't helped.
  4. Early progression

    At first I wanted to be fully f2p, but throwing a few dollars, wouldn't be a bad idea, I will definitely get those packs! Sadly dual boxing is not working for me, I currently use a potato laptop, that is so bad, that it can only run Lineage with minimum graphics. Tried to start a second game, my laptop instantly crashed. So I focus on my Gladiator for now. Saving up soulshots is another good idea, sadly I used all of them even at places where I shouldn't That link is awesome! Thanks for your help, you're awesome! Köszi!
  5. Early progression

    Yeah I play on Giran server
  6. Early progression

    So i just started, and would like to read your thoughts on what should i focus on (first weapon)? i understand that it's way to limited to get adena in this server and i have a feeling that i run out of the 15 days weapon before i can get a decent enough weapon. So what can i do to get a decent weapon? i'm currently playing with my lvl 25 Human Warrior (He will be a Gladiator later). Thanks for your advices!