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  1. Well all new chars get nice R grade after lvl 40. So you should get it as well.
  2. Hi guys where do you get brooch? I checked mammon but he dont sell it. I know some time ago was able to get from penny but it seems not anymore. Can any1 let me know please... Thanks<3
  3. We stil trying guys I bought 400 ncoins and it did let me login after 1st attempt loloololol
  4. They don't care and they won't even read ur post. there is too many donators here which they will give priority. I think we should go jump into ADEN server .
  5. ha every1 got same problem. Giran and talking island servers have 5.8k online both so I strongly recommend u to choose aden whioch have 1.5k online at this time.
  6. Yo I'm new here started to play with Sps so just got 1 question what is the diference between mages? all of them Wizards after 4prof got same skills?
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