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  1. 1 minute ago, tinchooo said:


    disconnect the afk (10min)
    I think they do not understand that people can not enter ...
    a lot of secondary accounts selling things
    Many people with many accounts that prevents other real people (not bots) from entering the server
    more than half of the server are secondary accounts !!!!! Enough
    disconnect the afk and secondary accounts of the game
    many people can not play
    Everyone has that problem for so many secondary accounts
    I saw up to 4 accounts that a person used
    6000 online accounts divided by 4 (1 player, 4 acc)
    the result is the people who can not enter

    They don't care and they won't even read ur post. there is too many donators here which they will give priority. I think we should go jump into ADEN server .

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