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  1. Damaged Epics & Balthus Varnish

    There are many in the same boat. If the Agathion event showed us that the reason Agathion Souls did not drop in classic was so they could sell them to us in a future P2W event, I will assume they removed Glittering Varnish so that they can sell it to us later as a P2W item.
  2. With so little content in this game for 80+ characters besides fighting the Super Botting RMT's for Zaken, Anakim, and Lilith, even Talking Islands own Bot King has resorted to reporting the exp parties of his enemies(the only people who stand up against him and his RMT alliance) to try to get them banned. We are talking about a guy who doesnt just bot his exp groups, but has full on automated scripts to farm Butler Keys, Goldberg Instance, kite boss minions while his other bots dps, etc. We are talking a single no-lifer running scores of keys and scripts to exploit every bit of content across multiple servers(Apparently he is on Giran as well) also runs around making videos of his competition in the effort to get them banned so nothing can stand in his way if making $$$. @Juji This is the sad state of Lineage 2 Classic in NA. I know there are supposedly multiple fixes coming, but could you please keep us updated on time frame? We are not even asking you to ban the bots, just fix broken content so that we have a chance to fight back against them. Every day these things are not fixed we lose more real players. 1. We need epics 80+ 2. We need to be able to see buffs and debuffs 3. We need "Cancel" to actually work 4. Zaken should not be able to be reset 5. If 3+ levels starts to nerf, we need higher level bosses, either added to the game, or existing boss levels raised, or widen that to maybe 5+ levels so all the 84 and 85 lvl toons have something to do.