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  1. @Hime@Juji @Sunshine the update patch does not state that the l2coin coin would be removed from the mobs and placed as a ridiculous p2w item in the decision, and clan cloaks and tiaras will also be offered for sale at the nccoin store, so that would be the extreme of ridiculous be honest, update what is described in the update, stop inventing, fix what you need bring content, activate missions you are reluctant to activate
  2. @Sunshine @Hime @Juji There will be some updates until the end of the year regarding the definitive activation of quests on the server and last doubt with the new instance of 60 minutes you can use pk at will like today and on the map without penalty of losing items
  3. @Juji @Hime @Pôr do sol Too bad the West does not have the correct adm contact to denounce the negligence that occurs here in the classic if we had this access or you would start cleaning up the mess or you would lose the franchise the situation is already unbearable as in thousands of posts on the forum, no, we want free items, we want playable content that has player interaction and more PK penalties for them to lose their items and 100% boot elimination we're together #casemonstro
  4. nothing new in the update when will be the content update
  5. @Juji @Himeif possible, I would like developers to comment on its limitation, as it has been 3 years since the server turned this mess of non-playable events with boxes that do not have items shown on the list, which discourages nccoin purchase and participation in events As for new players seeing this mess, it's normal for them to give up on the server due to the number of level 20-40 bots in the abandoned field and 40-80 in the catacombs If possible, make pk drop his items, as today he is using item recovery to continue pk even if the individual is retaliated for knowing he has no punish
  6. @Hime @Juji@Pôr do sol great ideas mentioned here, no answers whether it is possible to include in the game or not remember p2w events that few people are buying, i understand you depend on korean server but there are more quest items and more content than classic server. server turned off all missions, it's time to review it, maybe activate all missions I know it's a company, even though it's American, is showing poor management in their events and decisions to improve gameplay It's time to make the right decisions and stop being phantom moderators w
  7. @Juji@Hime@Sunshinedid you read the tips? Hope that the next update can include some of these ideas like so many others already listed here on the forum?
  8. where is the npc to remove the transformations
  9. the best chef of all zaken and his fortune in his caves and his sober allies
  10. best idea you can do is to use the bible site l2wiki it shows you all the mobs by region drops and you plan your future in the game more depend on ncsoft and it's difficult not even respond to forum classic and the game for lack of quest is 99 % individual the 1% that is missing and when you play with a bunch more don't expect them to give you everything chewed to play this game you have to exclude the thought of the golden years 2000 to 2010 and make your game strategy solo and then think about group planning
  11. good morning moderators let's pay attention to the forum? @Juji @Luz do sol @Hime we have great ideas here will help improve the game. How about putting these ideas in the next updates please pay attention to the items because lv1 boss jewels in the game are harder than you to read the forum and send feedback to korea to improve classic press the Quest button which is turned off in the game script if the other servers have congratulations on the ant boot system
  12. good night it would be great if in the next data update the quest is reactivated on the classic server and that of a step back and go back to life to the dwarves so besides the aden you would be able to have 3 profitable servers @Hime @Juji
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