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  1. developer congratulations for the initiative to change the face of the game it is great that now the boot monopoly is being destroyed if possible in the next update put to pk drop items as it used to be great so it would end the spree of some players who think they own the server and they are angry that they will no longer make money selling items for real money and will not even log in 150 boxes
  2. juli understand that the player here demonstrates an amount spent in the game has the right to complain about the removal of items from the vip that and the sealed runes but I see more effort to answer a vip 10 than other players because they want the support is not general if to be able to answer, I would be happy because I see that, in the case of a company, there is no transparency in support, I hope that after the aden server is opened, you will think and correct errors on the other servers that have been reported for years on the forum and as well as a company of encouragement to new inve
  3. I know you want money in events by selling suvernir how about doing a free event selling normal stlab enchant and selling in a paid event the top enchant gives the player the chance to have a weapon ++ since classic only has the name
  4. The benefit is simple and more farm areas besides the possibility for new people to enter the server because the low level areas were full of boots bring a guarantee of competitiveness in the game that was not a reality before as it only had boot why not kill simple boot even if you are 24/7 killing the adrenaline and your script raised the account to the farm if you hear a clean on the server now only the developers do their job to bring to the game some things that suits you pve does not have quest graft of items, real possibility of dropping boss jewels from baium, antharas, zaken
  5. Good evening Mr. Developers or in the case (bot) as you prefer to be called you guys are so dirty with the l2classic community adds an update patch. where are the quests where are the class balancing and the worst continues * clan 24h penalty and the update note said it would be fixed * showed no improvement over the skil mentioned in the notes * boot (use of adrenaline sandbox third-party program) continues I'm sure that with the complaints you received that were not few for years, they didn't do anything about it, on the contrary, they started banning real players just for b
  6. analyzing all the topics of the classic lineagi forum it is visible that the complaint in common is very simple makes the game playable I understand that the company NCSOFT is not a philanthropic company but needs to make a profit but do not provide free players with a minimum opportunity to get things done and slutty the server doesn’t have a quest even though quest mob is scattered across the map you simply destroyed the anan craft class by placing a randon craft system which in turn is a slot machine because no and sure to come items good does not post quest to have interaction between pl
  7. let's organize organize to improve the game the proposal is good
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