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  1. Zureil in denial

    Who is Zu?
  2. Conguero, Neutron

    Then why bother mass petitioning about weapon reversal in the first place? Bottom line is that nova has cried and begged so much that GMs had to actually come back to the issue.
  3. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Max: Hey since you want to get a refund on those claws.... Can we have em back?
  4. GM's ruining gameplay?

    All im really getting out of this is.... Pepperoni boy cant pvp with stage 3 dragon wep, can we give someone else a shot?
  5. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Wonder if anyone on the other side has had that happen
  6. a challenge for Ms & Nova

    Looks like Dustpag, Morpheus, and Shakawkaw are out
  7. Anyone care to discuss?

    I love how fooz n co go from "ZOMG Zu dropped items!" to "MS detags tho" as soon as they're called out on a failed photo shop. Pretty sad if you ask me
  8. 7v7 - MS vs Nova - Stage 3 Fist

    Yeah those damn AoEs with a stage 3 dragon weapon just aren't all they're cracked up to be.... ?
  9. Molensa 1 hit Isnipyes :))))

    Has to use BR to pk a feoh without mana armor on Mixa, this isnt GC so I'm not sure if your opinion really means anything. When I need help farming factions I'll let you know. Molensa is an absolute nobody in game. Challenges to 1v1's and never leaves town. Loses pvp 3v7 and claims that the rest of his group is afk (as everyone spammed skills before dying). The definition of "F1F2F3 warrior".
  10. Molensa 1 hit Isnipyes :))))

    Just with people macroing / afk
  11. Strange I think in my video youre full skill BR... and you die anyway
  12. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Nuff said
  13. 330k from tornado... is your armor bloody?