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  1. This is the awesomeness that makes L2 unique. Politics play a major role in sieges regardless of participant signing. Now, the balance of this, is the attacker and/or defender can still openly kill the non signed clan on siege field without penalty, the non signed clan can't res on siege field, and they can't take control of a castle. They will also receive all dmg from both attackers and defenders (except from their own party members) . There are negative aspects to not signing to try and balance this.
  2. There are no rules against someone bringing multiple clans to try and take a castle with one of this multiple clans. There's also no rules against someone going onto a siege field to attack whoever they want, regardless of signing or not. L2 always been like this.
  3. I also play in 4k. I have not found a solution for this. Sucks but that's what we get with an old game. We've never had ui mods like wow or other mmos. Edit: they want to make it smaller because the UI is massive on the smaller resolutions that the older pc's use.
  4. I'm getting very tired of popping max runes/items for swamp of screams just to be disconnected 30 mins in... Restore tickets only confirm restoring runes, not the 750kk of items I just wasted.
  5. If they're geared and an aoe char, possibly. If it's a melee toon, I doubt it.
  6. 1. USA close to Chicago 2. No vpn 3. Every time i enter Schuttgart and leave the city plus surrounding areas 4. game is very choppy, camera lag, movement lag, feels totally off running around. teleport to giran, no issues. rune, no issues. aden, no issues. schutt again, issues start instantly when porting in.
  7. Naia: 1. USA close to Chicago 2. No vpn 3. Every time I compound. 4. Compounding is a bit laggy. The interface lags, adding items lags, just laggy in general.
  8. this is just plain incorrect for the majority of ppl 113+
  9. No matter what they give, people will still complain that it's not enough. They could make everyone lvl 120 and give dw stage 1s and ppl would still complain.
  10. you forgot, they need to be a new item ID as well so we can use another inventory spot
  11. haha hold out both hands, one for this compensation and the other to collect tears. lemme know which one fills up first
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