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  1. I just didn't buy because of it. They don't even have a 4k denomination on there. Like wtf...
  2. conan posted a uk link on 4r4m: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0968YX1VR also, the usa site has the 1st 3 ncoin listings at 20% discount, but the 8k coin is only at 10% discount. The UK store is correct at 20% discount for all ncoin amounts. @Juji i know u arent working, but any chance u can call amazon to tell them to correct the US listing for 8k ncoin?
  3. i dont think he gave items for free, at least not to my knowledge. people paid for them in adena, just what they could afford.
  4. I always enjoyed talking to monsherrie. Guy seemed genuinely nice. He was generous with gear to people he was friends with but people abused that generosity many times and that made him mad. Him being mad at that is understandable imo
  5. Aden chest is irrelevant of spoil though. Any class can get those. Higher levels drop a shiny aden chest. Other normal drops are the craft mats and ether. Ether is obtained automatically while killing libs and is capped per day.
  6. Spoil is now done via the reverse plunder stab on the othel fortune seeker. This is learned on the 4th class change. Looting the mob is done automatically now. There is no spoiling to my knowledge pre 85
  7. Naia was pretty dead when I was there prior to transfers opening. People have consistently kept leaving both servers since then, so it is not surprising it feels empty today.
  8. I have not seen this. Crit dmg is calculated off other items, not the specific skill. It still crits each time. Can you give me details about what you are referring to? (xp zone, lvl, etc) Mobs got harder in mane places. So maybe you just do less dmg bc mob stats changed. Othel is still a fun and viable toon. We just need an answer on this half kill business.
  9. L2's problem is it was built to be a monthly subscription with content. Then they changed to p2w/f2p and the game was never designed to be this way. They watered down anything of value and was a fun mechanic to basically be an afk idler with no real social content anymore. No raids, no dungeons etc. It just milks cash to hit mobs harder. All of us sad folks still here, well... we're dumb... Edit: I also agree that the farming u reference for books isn't fun at all. Neither is making 2-3 yuls to farm ios with my a dagger gear. The whole game is lin
  10. @Juji @Hime Cricket's my friends. Any chance a ticket can be submitted to Korea on this?
  11. I don't buy 50/50 tickets at sporting events. I won't be buying the 50/50 gamble box. I'll stick to the 100% gamble boxes that Ncsoft mis advertises the guaranteed rewards. But hey, they whales still spend 1000s on 1000s. Must be working as intended...
  12. My mistake, luc affects the craft of lvl 1s. But once you go to compound those to lvl 2, it has no affect. Also, luc affects lady luc proc. The new craft system and how luc affects it needs tested properly imo. We don't know how it changed exactly, if at all.
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