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  1. That person should be ashamed to show that wep with lvl 5 sa's... Wtf?!?!
  2. To be fair, I would buy a 30 day vit maintain rune, probably regardless of the cost. Imo, things like that should be in the hero coin shop.
  3. P skill power vs P skill crit dmg AUGMENT

    They're about the same when in use. 20% p skill crit dmg is the end game want augment as a dagger. With how stabs work and how crit dmg stacks, I think the crit dmg is better. In my testing, crit dmg gives roughly the same dmg increase as skill power. So 20% should be best in slot. Either one is an awesome augment. Edit: you will 1 shot most all pve mobs with either augment.
  4. Percentage rates should be mandated on any type of gamble box. Casinos and lotteries have to display their rates. So should game companies.
  5. How to Deal with the Letdown After XP Event

    Grind on young padawans.
  6. Still the best?

    Maybe depends on class receiving the buff. Ass a dagger, I prefer pom bc more crit dmg. A yul may prefer the bison/vop, dunno
  7. 1x Lucky Halloween Buff Scroll 1x Faeron's Watchman Scroll 1x Mysterious Halloween Potion 1x Special Cocktail (Halloween) Im super excited about the new cocktail, it's so special it gets its own inventory slot!!! Yay....
  8. 100% damage to dragons from DW

    I think they mean, when you are at a main dragon, the dmg is capped at 20k. With a dw, it would be 40k. I dunno if that's true, but it's what the guy is claiming I think.
  9. Yes. I'd like to know what's inside of it.
  10. Upgrades and more

    Not assuming super dyes, do you do Dex or str build? Or a combo?
  11. Homunculus Instructions

    I have 1400 enchant points, top tanga lvl 5 all 3/3 and top ari lvl 5 all 3/3 Wtf I need to turn in vitality for the points for? I did turn in on dual all the time for birthing tho. But yes, vitality can be used for enchant points too. I wouldn't recommend it though. The grind is getting the top homu you want, not the lack of enchant points. 15 a day is easy as long as you check your macro periodically. Edit: also, 1 town fisher can get 15 powerful fish a day fairly easily. Or just buy them, it's only 15 a day to get max mob farm. If you have free vit event items, by all means use them if you have no use for it. The 1 bar items from last event that were deleting last maintenance I turned in for probably 70 enchant pts bc I had nothing else to do with them. I just wouldn't recommend it. Better uses for vitality exist, such as birthing a 2nd or 3rd top grade homu.
  12. What is this holloween supply box? Also, are you doing anything that will cause a potential roll back again? Just wanting to prep for the unannounced maintenance(s) as well.
  13. Homunculus Instructions

    Ok, no one has responded so I guess i will try to explain homus. 1st things 1st, you have to birth a homu first. You do this by "injecting" HP (health, 10k per click), vitality points (1 bar per click), sp (5b per click) and time (24 total hours). When a homu is birthed, it will be common, water or luminous. Luminous is the highest grade, and you cannot make a common homu water or luminous. If you want luminous of a certain type, you have to birth it. Once a homu is birthed, you upgrade it via enchant points. You earn these by killing monsters. A homu can level up to lvl 5. Each level unlocks a new sphere to roll on and try to get 3 of 3 upgrade points. Outside of that, it's all luck and grinding. Ask any other questions, I'll try to help.
  14. Fix your Server

    All that work alt tabbing and then a cocktail for the last 10%. I can imagine how frustrated you were when you resorted to using it lol.
  15. Haunted Chest Horrible Scam

    I have over 5k hero coin too. Wish there was something worth buying... Also, this event is trash.