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  1. The cheaper way to make limited is dark the weapon 1st, then buy all the bloody wep stones to finish limited. If you are considering a limited wep upgrade from bloody r110, the cost of remaking the weapon or the stones shouldn't be an issue. If this upgrade is a massive cost to you in comparison with your other gear, I would advise putting whatever adena you have into other upgrades that will push your dmg output up more instead of going for limited.
  2. That was riveting. Im ready for the next pay event. This loot box sucked. Red libra can stay.
  3. i'm going to say baium. the entire concept of needing his blood for a quest was cool, and i have many memories in L2 up at the top of toi.
  4. shadow chase > heartbreaker > chain blow > shadow reverse > repeat or shadow chase > blood stab > heartbreaker > chain blow > shadow reverse > repeat dont use crit wound, it helps evisc and patk tyrs only dont use bluff as shadow chase should be up quick and moves distance better than bluff. bluff is good for specific mobs that resist confusion and pvp. grim reaper you can add in, but i doubt it makes a difference on your xp. blood stab can be used, but if shadow chase fails its a waste of a skill to use. i would use directly a
  5. that depends on the place you hunt, but yes, you should see a damage increase after the upgrade. The 150 extra element could mean 15% more dmg in the right situation. The weapon will have more base patk, which will equate to more damage as well. the main upggrade is the 150 extra element though and the future upgrade path to limited. r99 should only be see as a stepping stone on a toon you want to main.
  6. +13 still very good. to go higher, you would use a royal gold save ticket or a grand kain enchant or a destro scroll. royal golds go up or down, and can go up to +30/31/32 grand kains can only be used up to +20 destros only work to +15 i think, you dont see many of these anymore i would upgrade because u also get 150 more element on r110. You can also upgrade to limited at r110 for even more dmg.
  7. adena comes from spending ncoin for evnet items and selling them for adena or farming adena zones like isle of souls or tower of insolence. these places are 110+ areas though.
  8. classic is even worse. its a failed concept that is seriously lacking players.
  9. I agree with u on bloody aspect. It isn't really needed pre 110. Good point. I thought he was pre 110, unsure about exact level. I assumed it as low 100s.
  10. depends what you want to get out of the game, but its meant to be an idler type game that runs 24/7 farming and earning xp. its not built to be played 100% by hand for a few hours a day if you do not intend to run the characters after you are done playing. as for free 2 play having fun, it really depends what you want from a gaming experience. most parties are created to do dailies or setup afk xp. dailies will be hard as a pure f2p toon unless you are support.
  11. yes, you could get those items from the loot box from the 120 s rank etc. however, this event also gave scrolls to enchant the lucien bracelet, and allowed the bracelet to be purchased.
  12. rim kama gives the lucein bracelet. +10% patk or matk at top enchant. very good in pve and pvp.
  13. I think the next event may be Rim Kamaloka. At least I hope, that's a fun event.
  14. the server is restarted. internal scripts that are set to run for a week are reset. plus, its always good to perform a restart every now and then for the hardware. Also, even if they dont say a specific feature changes, we typically still have some sort of file update that has to be sent for the client, even if it is small.
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