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  1. When will we get patch notes to the massive update being released in 1 week? Next Wednesday after the update goes live?
  2. If the augment is in your passive skills, its active
  3. I wish I had a 20 They also adjusted the rates I think from 1st event.
  4. DC light is sexy as hell, just looks dumb with a cloak
  5. I think he means the ability to reseal the boots/gloves to a dif dif app, but unsure.
  6. I think all items should be eligible for 1 restoration every 3 months, and after that 3 months, it is eligible again. All items should be eligible, including +1/-1 type fails. It's absolute crap that the policy got more strict after people used the service. I have an 18 Elmore that won't receive a single click until I get a confirmation it will be restored, which under the new policy it wont. I know of 1x 20 aden that was made based on a restore gaurantee/ticket. My money spends just the same as theirs.
  7. It's referring to skill mastery. Similar to the AP skill in the warrior tree. Your buffs can crit for double time, such as a self buff, or an atk skill can reset instantly, and have no cool down. Either of those times is when the skill you are referencing is activating.
  8. add lvl 5 la vies to the hero coin or ncoin store = problem solved with chests
  9. dum di dee do. maintenance right before maintenance. sigh...
  10. The system requires turning in recidulous items for what our current L2 build is. That system is from Korea where gold and black tickets are given out like candy as rewards to events. We shall see how ncsoft's cost model may adjust from this change. At the moment, not even the top rank people could fill even 1 entry in this system. Edit: @socketka @Feryl told u so
  11. I have no idea what u are talking about. Sounds like drama
  12. I'm glad you are enjoying this class. It is a very fun one
  13. I had a dark elf heirophant main class iss box. I race changed to orc. Then, once the char was an orc, I changed to a dominator. Obviously a dual class cannot be dominator or maestro. I think we're talking about different things.
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