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  1. this is literally the entire mobile gaming market summed up into 1 sentence. it can work, yes.
  2. If NCwest had some sort of marketing strategy, and cut their event prices to 1/4 of what they currently are, they would have a massive influx of players beyond belief. This game isnt affordable for most people who play.
  3. i have no intent on punishing the low player. if that is how you see my suggestion, that is not correct. low lvls need adena and xp. of those 2, xp is far more important. currently this zone cannot be used by ppl who are 105-110 to lvl themselves up. more spots wont change this sadly my friend. and the people who need this zone for xp cant kick out the high lvl toons farming. you talk about increasing adena everywhere on the map. im not opposed to that, but inflation is a real thing, and wont help the low tier people. if a lower lvl zone gives more adena than a higher lvl zone
  4. +1 our forums are dead, there should be a login message. thats a good idea.
  5. Those same people log 49+ toons to do valakas cc. More spots = more adena for those farmers. It's that simple unfortunately. The Adena needs adjusted to make the area not desirable for adena farm.
  6. @Juji @Hime @LIME Ok, I don't think much will come of this review/feedback post but owell, here goes: Neutral Zone – This area is dropping 4-5 times as much adena as any other open world zone. It is being abused by higher level players because it is the single best income source outside of ToI and IoS. If the intent was to make a ketra/sos for 106-109 people, you actually just created a new Plunderous Plains. Solution: You could male Ketra and Sea of Spores equal the adena output of Neutral Zone. However, I don’t think that will fix the issue. Making the adena drop in
  7. im not against player success i am against a system intended for player success being abused by a few high lvl toons to make themselves richer, in turn hurting the players who need the zone and who the zone is intended for
  8. if i was a fortune seeker, i dont think dv would be a problem honestly. the ghost hunter requires aggro for shadow reverse to work properly, and keeping the back is sort of an issue there. i know spoiled was able to do it, we discussed it before i left naia. the fs is strong with self pom and no front dmg penalty. i believe it has aoe confusion too which would be awesome. and yes i agree with you about their strategy on 999 weps and the 120 comment. i will be with my current daggers probably until i quit.
  9. i understand their frustration. i have all gear except a 999 wep and god jewels, and i cannot solo dv with an iss. i either need to spend more absurd money than i already have or quit. it doesnt get better at higher levels unfortunately... edit: im 118 so i should be in dv. cem is a joke its so easy.
  10. i can read just fine, thanks for your concern though. i dont think a spot intended for 106-109 ppl which is actually being farmed by 113+ ppl is working correctly. more spots wont prevent that lol.
  11. They should make ketra and sea of spores drop the same adena amount. Imo, the current neutral zone adena drop rate is a setting not for our region that is here by error. But, maybe they wanted another plunderous, who knows.
  12. I know someone who lost a +7 dragon ring bc he already restored a different accessory with another ticket. And I guess you can only do 1 item type per restore per account now. I always confirm in a ticket if an item is restorable or not, then proceed.
  13. The mkb software is doing 1 click per action, just like hands would do. It's just repeating it very fast, which hands could also do. The support response was lack luster and vague as expected. You need @Juji to comment.
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