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  1. amazing event. please dont ninja nerf anything on the rates.
  2. I didn't yet. Ive been enchanting I will try to do a quick test today.
  3. dragon wep event. i knew this day would come eventually.
  4. I don't really advise soloing a true sigel tank bc it is very slow. The better option is to dual a dd, push 110, and then swap at red libra to whatever class you want. However, if you are set on this, hell knight is the best offensive tank if I remember correctly. Temple night is best defensive one.
  5. Yes, shooting an arrow also uses patk crit dmg. But shooting an arrow does not use p skill crit dmg, bc it is not a skill.
  6. death knight is what you want
  7. You too my friend! Best wished for you and your family.
  8. there is no way for a mage to use "matk crit dmg" because you cast skills only. p atk crit dmg is for swinging your weapon, not casting skills, unless u are a dagger.
  9. Good catch. Our player base is better at sorting this stuff out than our dev team. Thanks.
  10. So you are mad that people put leg work in to research info about the game themselves from Korean patch notes. Cool. Got it.
  11. @Hima @Juji can we get any response on this forgotten premium currency? Once the last update removed the ability to turn hero coin into roses and pots, they became truly useless....
  12. All stabs crit, it's a unique feature in how blows work. Skill crit rate doesn't help This is the formula data mined by russians: Blows: Damage = 77 * ((pAtk * lvlMod + power ) * 0,666 * SS * SS_bonus * weapon_random * cdBonus * cdResist * cdPosition + cdStatic + damage_bonus) / (sDef + pDef) * weaponTrait * attBonus * PvPBonus * PvEBonus * powerBonus * skillCritBonus * damageResist wherein : staticBonus = (cdStatic + cdStaticResist + cdStaticPosition) * 6 damage_bonus = (pAtk * SS * SS_bonus * lvlMod + power) * 0.666 * weapon_random * isPosition
  13. I don't see a problem with this. Seems like it would make sieges more chaotic which is good.
  14. P skill crit dmg = p atk crit dmg in how they increase your dmg on target. It's better to use death and fire from kain because it nets the most crit dmg increase. Nsxt update, when the normal attack dmg formula is changed, we will need to retest how p atk crit dmg scales. But for now, they are the same.
  15. Proper sa's are: Kain Death Kain Fire Vague punishment Stack all crit dmg, that atk speed is worthless on you
  16. They had to give their beta key to get the rune. At least in my case, I did. I know ppl who didn't have the beta code and didn't get it bc of that.
  17. I watched. I saw. I subbed. @golemka best yul.
  18. I think the entire community is glad u don't get to make these decisions. 4r4m was a good community member and provided lots of useful information. I really don't get what you are trying to convey here.
  19. Send a support ticket, they should give it. However, I would recommend using blessed exalted +10 as it is very cheap and good.
  20. Adena bonus now requires all toons be prestige and in distance now. You can no longer prestige at distance and get max adena. Be happy the party bonus works that way.
  21. Again, I have no clue what you are talking about, and this isn't relevant to what I posted.
  22. ive thought of this too, but the problem lies when you unequip an item at full inventory. i think part of this problem is the game is so old + bad reporting to korean devs of the actual issue. to my knowledge, korea doesnt have this problem as their inventories arent spammed like ours.
  23. we may get a new years sale promo of some kind. but last years was meh, so dont get too excited.
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