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    Why does Naia get "sorry for the inconvenience" and we don't?
  2. What debate? All I read is endless echo chamber effect.
  3. There is also another topic that discusses War System in general, and some interesting proposals are given there. But you all do not want to engage in a normal civilized discussion, and you keep on pushing your agendas by using means of propaganda and spamming. Asking to change just the 14 people rule without overhauling the entire war system is just that. This topic is toxic like the most of "discussions" held on our server. p.s. I see many bullies here that should keep their voice down when talking about other people being bullies or grievers.
  4. Do you mind rephrasing this? Or giving a further explanation? Thanks. Try reading it out-loud without losing breath. No commas?
  5. Noble buff in World Olympiad

    Why? Is it intended behavior to buff an opponent with nobless?
  6. Ill make this simple. I have auto buff turned on for noblesse buff. When i am in oly, in hide as a dagger, i buff the enemy with noblesse buff. This is hiddeous.
  7. Consider adding red star bottles as well, if you added Agathion Evolution stones.
  8. Check your Codex pricing @Hime
  9. War System

    It is very hard to devise a static system that cannot be manipulated. There needs to be some kind of inertia implemented in the war triggering system in order to make things more fair for both sides. What I mean by inertia is a counter that has a trigger and a set timeout. For example, if we fight for a spot, you declare war, this is a spur-of-the-moment. Other clannies should not suffer for our fight. This should be isolated event for example during one hour, and after that if I go on a killing spree, sure, the war should become two-way. There are many ways this could be implemented, but it is not simple to do without exploring all options and ways this could be used to bully the enemy side. I wish NC would give us a testing server.
  10. Homunculus Part 2 - Next Update

    Don't rush. This is the crucial bit: First, we do not know if this will be implemented in NA region and second, we don't know the effect of retri+sigil will have. It might be HP related, and you wasted your trade.
  11. Force Disconnect

    What is happening: If you try opening multiple Aden Treasure Chests at the top of the hour (hh:00), when Etis announces his dominion, you can force disconnect from the server. Intended behavior: The opening of the multiple chests should lag, like anything else in the game (mail, warehouse, auction house...) at the top of the hour.
  12. What is happening: When you exit the game, and log back in again, the 5th bar (Support Shortcuts) keep having the 4th row shortcuts. Intended behavior: Support Shortcuts should have 5th row shortcuts.
  13. Krishna weapon missing from Red Libra npc

    And if I come with another toon, which has no R99 bloody dual daggers, they can see the option to convert.
  14. Krishna weapon missing from Red Libra npc

    I do not see the option to convert R99 bloody daggers to any other weapon. Other R99 bloody weapons are accepted as a trade in.
  15. Latency is substantially better now. I cannot say if its perfect, because it has been a while, but so far it is acceptable -- and whoever is saying it is not has some other agenda.