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  1. Krishna weapon missing from Red Libra npc

    And if I come with another toon, which has no R99 bloody dual daggers, they can see the option to convert.
  2. Krishna weapon missing from Red Libra npc

    I do not see the option to convert R99 bloody daggers to any other weapon. Other R99 bloody weapons are accepted as a trade in.
  3. Latency is substantially better now. I cannot say if its perfect, because it has been a while, but so far it is acceptable -- and whoever is saying it is not has some other agenda.
  4. Naia is server 16 and we are 15! We should be first!
  5. I wish there is some kind of IQ test we need to pass, in order to post.
  6. Software is hard when you have to work with kids.
  7. Be a proper software company and let us have a test server so we can help you fix this.
  8. @Juji I do not have time to re-test right now, but if I remember correctly, if the character has Vitality of the Exalted Lv.2 (+100% exp bonus) the benefit of this AP is 1.25% and 2.5% respectively. It has been a while since I tested, tho.
  9. @Juji If you get the chance, please test for other paths (Warrior / Knight) as well.
  10. Adena is not an item. Items drop on floor, Adena does not. Make sure mobs are light blue, green, white or orange. On my accounts nothing is wrong with Adena drop. Be honest to yourself and count 100 mobs kills and count how many give you Adena. Either you are extremely unlucky or you are doing something wrong.
  11. Drop Rune is for items only. Also your math is wrong. Also I do not know where you hunt at, but I get Adena from 60-90% kills. Be honest and count 100 mobs.
  12. Yes I did, after the server boost settings went back to normal.
  13. Its a full XP rune for all levels. Jesus.