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  1. Even with Hands of Einhasad and top equipment borrowed from my CL, I will always wish that my ISS did more damage PVE. I hate xp leaches too, sometimes, even as support. Give me a 24 hour skill where I can kill fast and not be dependent on good parties, or have to deal with yipper yappers. Charge me soul stones, spirit stones or whatever, I'll pay.
  2. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please don't tell me they removed any of the GM buffs. I was looking forward to having them when I leveled those alts during eventless week(s).
  3. @Juji @Hime Were the 16th Anniversary Agathion supposed to be deleted? Some of my characters still have theirs to be deleted later in June, but others don't. There are also still a bunch in AH that people are selling. If they ALL were supposed to be deleted today, forget that I said anything.
  4. Hasn't L2 always been that way? Not arguing your points, you make several good ones, but the idiot-asshat-ocracy always rises to the top in this game. They grift their way there, fight one another for a few weeks, eventually someone backstabs or scams someone else, they switch sides, and the nonsense and buffoonery starts all over again. And then they cry about there not being any good PVP in game because they've done everything fair and unreasonably fair to ensure that no one can challenge them. Perfect case of "you get what you PAID for" in most of their cases.
  5. "Like other regions." This is what bothers me, too. These are some of the many things that should be available in game NOW. Not as a promotion or some other "please provide your VISA/AMEX" option, but as items we can work toward in-game via quest or farming. Fix this, make it better for all.
  6. Part of the problem is that the AH allows people to sell items like old potions, scrolls, random junk that almost no one uses. So the solution there is to start by updating table of what cannot be sold in AH. Start with pots, then go to lower grade weapon, armor, accessories, pet items, etc. The AH should not permit sell of any item below R grade at this stage of game. I know that rules out some boss jewels, but they can fix that by adding those items to the Luxury Shop in Giran. I mean it is a luxury shop. After that, get more use out of Restoration NPCs by shifting sale of outdated items th
  7. Please put Cloak and Dragon Shirt related items in the L2 store for one week. With everything that's going on in the real world, there's a good chance that no one will have any discretionary income left for such things 2-3 weeks from now. You better cash in while you still can.
  8. I don't find it credible that in an open field an Evi will kill more mobs faster than an equally equipped-for-class archer. Mages might, but eventually you will get to a point where mana becomes an issue for them depending on where you hunt and what you're hunting. Archers in most situations more than hold their own and are always at the top of the pyramid. That's why there are so many of them. And this is coming from someone who just switched classes from a 106 stacked Feoh to level a stacked Yul.
  9. I'm just saying that if they're going to do anything, make them the best, well-conceived options. The problem isn't that NCSoft does do anything, the problem is that they'd rather plant a field of land mines to address a gopher problem. Pretty soon you won't be able to talk to anyone outside of trusted/confirmed friends at the rate we're going.
  10. For 15-16 years there was no official policy. Back then if you broke your weapon, no matter how that happened, too bad, so sad. But the last few years there were rumbles that GMs were restoring stuff informally, which was not a good idea. It gave the impression of preferential treatment done under cover of darkness. This formalized policy at least gives ray of light to all for rare situations when a legitimate in-game player instituted error occurs. But no policy is perfect. Designing one for a game like L2 where so many questionable characters try to grift and get around policy is h
  11. Finally have enough adena to buy. I will start with cheapest ones like Garnet, Pearl, Diamond and work up to Ruby, Tanzanite, Amethyst, Topaz. If you have for sale, or can get your hands on greater jewels easily, please send me private message with your price.
  12. Get a job. Seriously. Level up your character to 110+. You don't need money, just time to do that. Then turn red killing off people in Blazing Swamp. After you've made a name for yourself, offer your mercenary services for pay. Your advertisement: "Is it too crowded in BS for you to enjoy? Well, for just 300M adena a day, or 1B a week, I can clear out a beautiful spot for you and your family to hunt for hours at a time."
  13. The problem there is people who you don't know whisper to you as well. People with legitimate questions, or if you're in the market, transactional offers. If you have to access your Options window every time, you'll eventually just default to receive all private messages. Also, the levels thing is moot. You can level to 105 in a matter of hours. If you happen to be a big adena selling company, you probably already have a number of characters that are much higher level than that, because it's only at the higher levels that the adena drop amount makes it worthwhile to farm.
  14. Part of the policy says that the weapon is ineligible if it has been restored previously. If you're not 100% sure how your already OE weapon got that way, act on worse case scenario. Don't act shocked when they tell you it was previously restored and won't be restored again. But the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE POLICY states that restoration is solely at the discretion of the GMs. Basically what that means is that the petitioner could have done everything in accordance with policy, yet still be denied restoration as the appropriate decision. Read that and accept it before you ge
  15. No one wants 7 Signs anymore. Why drop a million of them in rewards that never sell for good value? Same for Level 8-9 Soul Crystals, Venir of any level, Mystic Soul Crystals and god stones. Don't need to see those any more in an event. Either drop whole god jewels or gtfo! And get rid of all common items and low level stuff like R crystals, Nevits items, Elcyum fragments, Source of Emperor, and crap like that. Drop only all stages Dragon weapons at high clip, Zariche/Akam Blood in packets of 10, Dragon Claws in packs of 5, etc. Nobody needs 2kk Weapon Attribute Change crystals anymore!!! STOP
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