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  1. Well everything is automated, and the changes are copy pasted now from Korea to the West, thats why they made these changes and put us all in the same bubble, even if we were not at the same level. So in truth there are probably no loses with any event that takes place in the West. But they could on the other hand double if not triple their profits each year by addressing someone of the issues, some of the basic issues like giving us more exp, if not as a base increase than at least in the form of constant exp events. I for one would spend a good portion of money in game if I
  2. I'm running PI without prestige, guess how much scrolls I am getting per 1h? 0-1, yep that it 0-1, I did PI 3 times on 3 different days, 2 out of the 3 days I got 0 scrolls, and on the 3rd day I got a 1(ONE) Brooch scroll! HA HA HA What a F joke.
  3. What a joke this game has become, and what a joke we have allowed ourselves to be at our own expense. I feel ashamed of how much I love Lineage 2 since I was a child and these corporate leeches have sucked the life out of its fanbase communities. What I am baffled about is how any business leader out there would see their numbers diminished to this extent and would see their forums flooded with complains and still chose to do nothing, still chose to keep to the same toxic business model. I am getting to the conclusion that they are seeking to end this in the coming years and a
  4. Yep, dead server no point to even try to lie to ourselves about it.
  5. Is it viable to switch from Skill dmg to Patk dmg on a archer now that this nerf has happened?
  6. Reroll into a different class. Oh wait you can't.. enjoying Lineage 2 as an MMORPG in the 21st century makes me wanna go an install Metin 2 and play that instead.
  7. Just want to add my 2 cents about this event, coming from a guy that went through 400 jewellery chests and 200 good fortune chests. As the title states, this event was a clickbait tactic all the way. We are at a point in the game where the vast majority should have at least Grater's lv1 giving how hard mobs are and how old the game is. But half the server don't even have lv.5 jewels yet and then they give us an event where it costs an arm and a leg to make lv.5 jewels(if you are extremely lucky) and it costs the rest of your remaining limbs to make a brooch. A brooch lv.2 tha
  8. If you friend got lv.4 gems(multiple) for $250 then his very lucky and his investment was doubled if not tripled.
  9. Well done mate! Always happy to see people striving. Personally buying the Ultimate Fortune boxes from sellers in Giran is a no-brainer if you want to open something don't open the l2store boxes open the already existing Ultimate Fortune ones because you can see which ones you get/buy and you can aim exactly for what you hope for. I know what I hope for! Lv.5 Red Cat FTW hahaha
  10. This is neither, this is a mobile phone game designed for PC.
  11. Where can we get the 7 day rod from Sly? <3
  12. The game is absolutely crap at the moment, and if they keep up like this only the whales will be left. GIVE US SOME DECENT EXP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. they used to allow players to buy for a trivial sum a basic fishing rod from the fishing manager, they took that away as well so they can kill the game faster. Ty How to get into fishing now? you can't unless you get adena, from somewhere cuz you can't farm it anymore, and buy a rod to fish with. Ty again.. What a joke..
  14. No EXP coz its pointless and impossible to level without event. No quests coz there none left, why? I wish I knew. No content whatsoever because they increased the levels of everything. No raid bosses coz they are all lvl 120, and by the time we will be 120 they will release another patch with boss levels going up to 130 and so on until we will never reach them. No adena farming, how is that even possible or viable long term? I am adding one more complain to this forum regarding the state of the server and most importantly the lack of EXP on this sever, I know it doe
  15. I agree, without Vitality Maintaining Rune or Bonus EXP is just pointless to go and exp/kill mobs.. And at the end of the day there is no other content in game right now to keep you playing, its so ridiculous I literally just hang around in Giran and talk to friends or do some small trades here and there coz there's nothing left of this game apart from swiping your credit card to get an item and to go exp(which is pointless as I said already.) SAD.
  16. I am planning to do the same thing but without the tank and with the Erupting vitality potions + the event buffs and the EXP Rune III 200% bonus to get 1k vitality bonus and hope for 108 in 6h in Coal mines... not sure if it works out.
  17. Where did you farm exp from 106 to 107.8? Did u do 6h in the Coal Mines? And did you solo exp or with a party?
  18. Dear L2 community, I returned last week, I spend some $$ on Ncoins and I bought a +8/+7 Bloody Light Set and +15 Bloody R99 bow, apart from this everything else is Exalted gears from the main quest. I play Yul 105 soon 106. What can I do at this point to progress? I want to farm Adena so I can buy better gear and reach other parts of the game and just enjoy the L2 world. Can you the experienced players out there kindly advise on the best course of action? (Please respect my post, no unnecessary comments, foul language or unuseful advice.) I hope t
  19. I wish this topic will generate enough attention. If we can get enough people to come together and really share their experiences here and demand a change we can definitely make everyone's life easier in-game by forcing NCSoft to change the way the currently PK system works. I don't know why they had to go and change it in the first place.
  20. I used to play this MMO where you could walk around and PK people if you wanted to, but as soon as you did you become wanted, anyone could kill you, players, guards in towns, there was no place you could seek refuge you were labelled a criminal in-game. And the best part when you died you would go straight to jail where a live trail of individual other players will give sentence based on your infamy points which you acquire with each time you PK a person. Point is, now with all these whales and people full dragon gear and epic items, 90% of the server doesn't stand a chance,
  21. Ok, I know PK is part of the game, and I don't mind it, its part of the game! BUT, before, players only PK'd other players in major circumstances and they knew that they couldn't just WALK around and CLEAR entire ZONES (Blazing Swamp, PR, EV, etc.) OF PLAYERS trying to farm. NOW I log in, like this morning to see ONE character, ONE disgusting human being, PK-ing an entire ZONE, an ENTIRE ZONE of players, all I see around me is people dead and this guy sitting red in the middle waiting for others. The complaint/report system is a lie, a joke, NCSoft DOESN'T punish PK or harassme
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