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  1. Why you are destroying the game with this live items that is not part of classic. FIX THIS ASAP.
  2. I restarted the computer and the problem went away... awkward as hell
  3. My comrates, I am facing this crashing issue from today all the time. 1. I deleted all VC distro installed in my computer and setup the most recent ones; 2. CHecked the game files and still crashes 3. Deleted the game and reinstalled - and still crashes, any suggestions?
  4. Yeah it's not very safe with btm.
  5. What do you mean by"cdl"? Cld and vampiric claw?
  6. Dear Developers, I have been fan of this game for at least 12 years, since C2 I'm a player with some years absent but in general a big fan. I have recently moved to the classic server from naia server. What is the logic by forcing us to use cursed bones on necromancer death spike skill while you cannot craft it by the class? Why do you ruin the major skill of the class with such a high cost beyong 360 adena per use. You should at least allow either, spoilers to farm it through spoil or, allow the necro class to transform animal bone fragment to
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