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  1. sounds like its working right, were you trying to exploit it? Or just happen to goto demensional server for no reason?
  2. dont worry goils and boils, After maintenance its ashured NCWest will have something inplace to take your money...
  3. LMFAO!!!!! So what this means is.... Scenario, you get weapon drop.. you enchant a weapon, it breaks you use restoration.. get item back.. say enchant was only to +12.. you sell weapon.. new owner of weapon enchants to +21 and breaks at +22... new owner of weapon cant get restoration because item was restored previously... wtf? Items will now need to say on them.. Restoration Possible Yes/No.. so stupid.. but yes NCSOFT.. every situation is an exploitable.. but if tha5 is there real response then wow.. just wow..
  4. Lol, didnt even take the time to make a cardboard sign..
  5. @dreake meanwhile know cheaters and exploiters get their accounts back.. But heavens no, dont out smart the system within game policies.. double standard credit warrior bullpuckery.
  6. The truth is out there, login to see... LOL GMs logging for anything but to stand around and act like the 10-15mins they handout buffs we should be thankful they bless us with their presence.
  7. @Draecke "He who controls the spice controls the universe"
  8. Will trade MY TP spots for useful items, GMs already deleting to many of my items for me..
  9. Need 1 game server min per actual server.. idiots multiboxing servers and probably got new hardware and set old server aside instead of splitting game server to indepenant servers... as seen crash on 3/9, classic servers all up both live servers down.
  10. +carrot event +alien event +dice event +any event for r110 gear, and not useless top wpns that only a few can upgrade..
  11. @Juji See 1st post.. why that still ingame?
  12. Ofcourse, more exploits... probably 0 banned for it ... GG.
  13. Ghosts is right... As in the people responsible for the game, even the front line admins/gms we see here are simply "Ghosting" the customer base... lack of even using their perferred method, Twitter, to give updates.. Mostly Im sticking around to see the finale now, its like some sitcom that started off funny.. but now the actors dont even try at their roles.. its now either going to get cancelled or someone will get fired... Big companies usually shake up their teams more often, and I dont see any reason NCSOFT should have confidence in the current staff.
  14. lol... Its probably not helping.. but reality is, KR devs made mistake in update, pushed it out... noticed it on their side, fixed it.. sent a memo.. NCWest didnt bother to translate the memo so our servers are laggin hard. NCEU/RU servers laggin some.. but their hardware is probably 10x the specs of ours so they dont see it as huge problem..
  15. @Juji Please BAN the grp of mobs in the center of Desert Quarry, they keep spawning ontop of pillars and Melee toons cannot target them.. They are exploiting the spawn system in an attempt to survive, and should be Banned.. no question they do not spend NCOIN.
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