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  1. Somehow its quite funny.... Nc needs a reason to give y free stuff anyway..
  2. This is what u get with a game which misses half of the features the full "korea" game got... bugged code.
  3. The 1st part is 10% pvp. rest is for pvp/pve For 30 min selecter party members pvp damage +10% (PvP), Atrribute attack +10. mp recoverybonus 10% = PvP/PvE Still highly recommended to get both.
  4. Everyone knows that when you take options of a full game soon or later the game gets corrupt. Its all about bussineses... i prefer to play the "full" game at Korea though.
  5. no worries. all servers are down.
  6. Goodluck there. Bet you forgot you need Noblesse in order to do Olympiad, oh wait, there are no subclasses yet.
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