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  1. Server Fix !

    I'm sure you PKers just pk anyone and everyone regardless. My macro party got pked today so instead of trying to get a 90% rez or trying to get back all those hours of xp lost, I will just rage quit and move on to another game.
  2. Starter packs

    I bought both starter packages on my first character and only opened the 7 day smaller packages. I ended up not liking the class after a week of playing and made a new class. I tried to transfer my unopened 30 day package to to my new character but the game wouldnt let me. I submit a help ticket and this is the garbage response I get "Hello, Thank you for contacting the Lineage II Game Support Team. I have reviewed your request and found that the items you wish to be transferred are intended to be character-bound. Since this is the case, I'm afraid I am unable to provide assistance with this request. Thank you for understanding. If you have any other requests, please contact us from a new ticket. Regards, Senior GM Yehara NCSOFT Support Team" What kinda stupid crap is this. The description says you can only buy it once per account and never mentioned that it was character bound. I've read all the FAQ and it even mentions you are allowed to be refunded NCcoins if they are less then 1 hour used. I want a refund so I can put the high grade starter pack on my other character.