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  1. Valakas retri standard

    Got on different char blood dualsword(basic not enhanced) have it up for wtt/wts base start wize I'm not impressed just p. att can't even put a special should cry on it I guess when enhanced with bloods it opens up good stats l can't find good info for the dragon weapon or the blood weapons on net, maybe l2 site news section.?
  2. Valakas retri standard

    Will look into posting screenshot later at work now, anyway I have decided not to sell it I have a foeh so using it on the char I have had a few offers and looked around auction house and player run shops and I am not getting a trade good enough for what I want for char its payday for me today so will hit the l2 store maybe luck will strike twice🤞
  3. Valakas retri standard

    the 1.5 min was also from a player I don't know on the naia and im not bothered if I don't get close to that amount I just posted about it because I do not want to be lowballed. and btw you fish a rod!! noob
  4. Valakas retri standard

    Ty all for the replies, I was told by a friend that minimum was 1.5 and to hold off till at least after event see if any other players are as lucky 😜
  5. Valakas retri standard

    It's not a frag best adena offer I have had so far is 900 bill
  6. So are these weapons still good, I got one from event on naia server I don't want it it's for sale see post in marketplace, what's the min adena value, whats the best trade I could get, weapon(bow),armor(light), jewels, cloak basically everything i need for my main char going to go pvp with it. I started off with 7 bill adena buying event boxes and selling the crap from them got as low as 3 bill maxed out at just over 8 bill then went fxxk it buy as as much as I could for the adena I have, was getting nothing and stopped at the last eight walked away from pc and came back an hour later from the last eight got crap and a lvl 18 verir and a weapon box opened it and got the weapon(luck of the Irish I guess) down now to 61 mill and the two items sorry for the story on how I got the weapon and ty for any replies on a best trade
  7. Valakas retri standard

    wts valakas retri standard Will only accept adena plus gear, weapon must be a bow, armor must be light, trade must include jewels, cloak, other stuff,server is naia, post list here of your trade I will contact you in game if you don't get reply from me it's not good enough Thx for looking 👌