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  1. "Traces of Ancient Kartia´s Labyrinth Event" "Ancient Kartia´s Labyrinth Chronicle" There is a use to this itens today? If yes, where? If everyone help and list some dead itens..... @Juji @Hime
  2. Hi, Need help.... I start auto-hunting in char A with manor mode on, my char B (with party) have one macro to assist. If for some reason my char B hit first, char A ignores and go to next target..... There is a way to dont "manor mode" inside same party? thx
  3. I see same dead ppl on floor for more than 1h..........
  4. @Juji @Hime Suggestion : Player dead on ground more than X minutes, got auto dc..........
  5. One question about some info on l2wiki. https://l2wiki.com/Krishna_Thrower#Currency For Here we see some exchange, is working? If yes, where i can find this npc?
  6. H4V0C-

    Yul Guide

    Found some similar post : https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16728-im-back-and-need-some-help/ I'll follow there.
  7. Hi, I want to know about % of some skills, if anyone knows........ Summoner : Mark of Weakness Deals magic damage to the target with 140 power for 10 seconds Additionally decreases target's P./ M. Def. How much is this decrease pdef? Tyrr Hurricane Blaster Attacks target with 812 power, lowers P. Def., and absorbs Momentum. Requires a sword, blunt, spear, fist, dual blunt, or dual sword. How much is this decrease pdef? Tyrr Armor Destruction Attacks target with 20595 Power added to P. Atk. Weakens P. Def. and absorbs Momentum. Requires a sword, blunt, spear,
  8. Hi, i just return after long time. Can someone point directions ? Im Othel, but ill play with my sub yul gs. I have R99 (not blessed, not bloody anything) +6 R99 bow +5 might/focus (old focus) rings baium/istina earings istina/zaken neck frint maph shirt +7 comando belt (from some new quest) circlet auth +5 (from some quest) I have a iss, and since last week i already got from 99 to 102. (from BS nightmare........)
  9. +1 Any news @Juji ? Swap? separate? stone of destiny v2 ?
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