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  1. GM Maru (Lineage 2) May 4, 2020, 4:58:13 AM PDT Hello there, This is to notify you that we have temporarily suspended your account as part of an ongoing investigation of a scamming incident that your account may have been involved in. We will give a follow up once the investigation has been completed. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, GM Maru NCSOFT Support Team
  2. Senior GM Yehara (Lineage 2) May 11, 2020, 6:55:41 PM PDT Hello, Thank you for waiting patiently. We have finished our investigation and have taken the necessary action against Molensa. Due to privacy and security reasons, we are unable to disclose any further information about the outcome of that player's account. As a one-time exception for this account, we have restored the 16000 NCoin back to your account. Please keep in mind that this a one-time exception for this account because these kinds of trades are not supported or intended by NCSOFT. If it were supported, there wou
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