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  1. im level 110 feoh storm creamer, can any expert feoh storm to teach me how to set up pvp macro? tell me in order like first line this skill 2nd line this etc. also how to set up oly macro ,i know it's depend on opponent class but genarally basic oly macro for most class thx in advance
  2. MrMind and molensa detagged I wanna know what happened,why they detag and what's going on in ms and lb who is tytyus guy who just join FS?where is he from? when we can see nova in siege?
  3. can u extend server boost setting to one more week? if u compare server boost setting and none ,u will notice that a lot more people gonna bought big vitality pack and etc specially so many people at home because of corona virus and stay home order this is momentum u guys have and extend server setting will benefit both of company and players don't just let it go for one week and give coupon next week just extend one more week and give anniversary stuff next so it don't drop make everybody happy ~~thx
  4. corona virus hit most region and a lot of people lost job or force to stay home without income it could be few months basically a lot of players can't afford any money to buy n coins each country take care of their citizen to help them survive without income this is the time ncsoft can step up and help l2 players since most players at home and play game hard but can't afford ncoin to buy sayha buff scroll and ss and stuff this is my idea u can request this to decision maker how about giving all account to 50 sayha buff scroll and 2 million ss or sps
  5. what u guys get for spoil ? anything good? I mean if u spoil for receip or mats are those still useless like can't sell them to shop for nothing?
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