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  1. Hime and juji instead of putting items to annoy their users, better update the store with necessary products such as, for example, they should eliminate the old rose (1000 x 400 ncoin I think) for bright roses or ice roses. stop giving us leftovers .. this would do the market and its players good.
  2. I said it once and I say it again, we are the fools who continue to buy ncoin and I include myself but I only buy what I need and that I get in a 100% destiny pack and prestige pack, I no longer spend on roulette with crazy events and very low enchantment rates. You will no longer get my money for nothing, if you want my money give me something 100% sure.
  3. I agree 100%, since when do we have to give a farm spot to some low level chars to win .. how much ?? 10% more XP because they take 1 minute more to kill a mob .. I know several crybabies in NAIA they seize +4 spots and they believe that because they leave their toons in the pools reserving the place they believe they are owners. hahahaha
  4. every day I help with IT, twice a day I create a pt requesting any class with exalted gear for IT FREE ... others could help in the same way.
  5. Dear GM. The adena nerf at stronghold is really bad, not worth investing in Prestige Pack, buff emperor and IOS Passes. this adena moved the market, it is true that there are people who had 4 toons and farming 24 hours but I only have 1 and was 6 hours a day, now it is not worth being there.
  6. Tomorrow is the update and the patch notes are not published yet ... when can we have it ???
  7. I have said it several times, the problem in principle is in the modifications that NcWest makes to the update packages that they receive from korea. ReaperGG said so in their comment. "You still have end game items like Cloaks and Forgotten Books and Jewels (sapphire, ruby, etc.) available only through L2store even though we were supposed to be able to '' craft '' these jewels through mamon or blacksmith since 2 patches ago but you conveniently removed that option. " Ncwest modifies these packages for your convenience (for get as much money as possible from your players) and if we think a
  8. NCSOFT is all to blame for selling things that do not work, people simply do not buy and those who buy only do so to sell sitting in ADEN but still people do not buy much and all because the chances are low. Yesterday I tried to upload a layer +10 to +11 with a scroll (+7 to +20 with 10% chance) with LUC85 and it failed after I bought stable to leave my cloak +10 again and the 4 stables failed. conclusion I DO NOT BUY MORE NCOIN .. I will buy everything with adena from now on.
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