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  1. I agree, we do not ask for much, with a 6 slot exalted brooch we settle
  2. Hi, As the title says, does anyone know how to create a macro to debuff mobs and POM 2 different chars? TY for help
  3. me too.. nothing new under the sun with NCsoft
  4. I have the solution and it works, nothing that NCSoft has proposed worked. Solution: install windows 7 but the version that has the updates up to date (January 2020 at least). I have intel HD video, it is notebook and pentium M processor and it works
  5. I had installed a version of the driver 06-08-2020, I installed an old version 2016 and it is the same .. WinLincese error
  6. https://ibb.co/F5QXcNb --------------------------- WinLicense --------------------------- ·»>½4 .&$ì --------------------------- Aceptar ---------------------------
  7. Dear juji, the ticket has already been sent, support sent some instructions to perform but the same error continues to appear, nothing has changed since the last update
  8. I tried installing a VPN and it didn't work either same error of WinLicense
  9. here I leave the link of a video that I made with the error (this happens to a friend, not me) https://youtu.be/uYV8KSTpX0g
  10. One friend have the same problem, after the update could not reconnect, i do the following: install windows again (windows 10 version 20H2 v2) install only windows updates download and install L2 and nothing .. keeps getting the same error WinLicence. and ncsoft is never guilty of anything, it is always our computers and the internet any solution?
  11. Please shut down the server and fix the damn lag once and for all. We are just as we started before we go to AWS
  12. nothing new under the sun .... waiting to compensation: august 2019 -- when everything started 1 week before -- GM public that compensation is coming now -- what will be the new compensation ??
  13. Please can you give us maintenance as appropriate, stop running MALWAREBYTE and CCLEANER only and give us a real maintenance .. the LAG of skilles is already unsustainable and in each maintenance it is worse. I really don't know what to expect .. every day that passes my decision is to leave NCWEST and go to another server WITHOUT LAG PS: I've been playing since zaken so I'm not new and I've seen how this server has declined since August 2019 when the delay started.
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