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  1. Hey guys We tried Clan Instance Throne of Heroes and got stuck in the 2nd instance "Mary Reed" Raid so I open this to share info about how to kill it. This is where we are so far, we got it down like 10% then is pretty hard to take her HP bar down from there, we managed to deal more damage (all buff activated at the same time) so she called Zaken for Help, We couldn´t kill Zaken then he leaves and she gets all HP back and we couldn't take her HP down 1 millimeter after zaken, while zaken there were some barrels like bombs and she got some sort of berzerker buff. That is all the info I
  2. Hey guys I got this Sayha's Talisman from a reward box It supposes to be compoundable so I got it in my inventory and try compound, but when I open the compound window it doesn't get shown in the items selection box So my question is, is it bugged or am I doing it wrong? @Juji
  3. Ancient Reagent +7 (105 M. Attk top D mage weapon) Avadon Set (Chest +4) Ghouls Staff +5 (191 M. Attk. Feoh´s Empower Lv. 5) Ring of Core Lv. 1 Sage Staff +7 (171 M. Attak Feoh´s Empower Lv. 2) FEEL FREE TO OFFER HERE OR SEND MAIL IN-GAME TO KingMura
  4. any information about this, or where to claim?
  5. so, the way you describe it sounds more like a no life farmer who only lives to farm and create accounts and chars and grind every day, no job, no family, no girl, no other stuff to do in life. Sorry mate, I speak for the average person who comes to have fun and enjoy a nice MMORPG game and build a char with at least full skills.
  6. thank you Do you know if this is actually working, I read people is not even doing this anymore.
  7. Cool, can you share with me the scheduled time for this dimensional raid?
  8. Why players have to suffer? we come here to relax and fun not for suffering or struggling. we already have too much of that in real life. and I am not asking for an "easy game" but also do not want developers making player's life a nightmare of trying to get 1 item as common and needed as a rune stone. If I was asking an easy game I would ask them to simply remove the Rune Stone requirement for learning skills.
  9. If you guys do not support the petition, at least help the community by giving some tips on how to get Rune Stones as free drops since none of you both are average players and spend way more money than average players in this game.
  10. Hey Guys The short version of this post is simple, LIKE this post if you support the petition for reset balok instance back to 7 chars instead of 14. As you already know, Balok's cc requirements for entry have changed from 7 to 14 chars which makes it really hard for average players to find a Rune Stone which is pretty much the reason why most people run this instance. Let´s do some maths, having to get together 14 chars just for 1 run every twice in a week, and being this instance almost the only one you can get rune stones from, the average player, being the l
  11. @Juji Can you confirm to us which are exactly the Mapher Scrolls to be removed? the ones from Clan Daily Coins that you can get at Talking Island? https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMqrdtA3ZQAqt-GvGyVrUGtUV36jBvlfEVzLDyA
  12. It is true you can achieve everything in-game without spending any money at all, the difference is that it will take years and since time is the most precious we have, you are actually losing way more than the people who actually only spend their money. Anyway, I do not agree on aiming people for spending their money the way they want to, as I do not agree on judging you for wasting so much time in this game, is your time and you can waste it the way you want to.
  13. GUYS! It is actually very simple to do Imagine NCSoft is a Raid Boss, all we need to do is get together as we do in-game to kill and destroy them, but in this case what we need to do is stop paying their bills, stop paying for anything in this game, if they want this game dead so badly, then let them get what they want. That is a killing attack! And we will win, there are tons of nice servers to join and to have fun. Enough complaining, years of crying and complaining for them to keep getting our money every event.
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