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  1. I have no idea how many monsters you kill, from 40 to 44, from 58 to 64 too.... why don't we have parallel missions to gather materials to craft and improve equipment? this new system subjugation equipament the items drop even? because so far I have not seen drop of anything.
  2. Want to make a grade A sword as I do?
  3. hello, for us Brazilians this maintenance schedule is terrible, this maintenance could take place two hours before, because starting at this time it ends almost at lunchtime, so players used to log in in the morning, lose the entire morning, I leave my request for change schedule for the next maintenance, thanks for the maintenance and the information provided!
  4. lembro que jogo no classic atualmente^^
  5. Sim 5 janelas! 45 99836 1116 te mando o print^^ configuração do meu pc: I3, Dell, sem placa de video 3de memoria ham
  6. how will we have new players? lineage game a long time ago I started about 14 years ago, it was on a pirate server, I didn't play for years, I started playing on the official again, and due to family and professional problems I distanced myself again, now I started on the classic server, I'm Brazilian, I only play on the official now, but I did some tests to raise adena and I realized that there is class taking a beating to kill the first mob, mystic orc for example, it is sad, I noticed other players dying to kill their first mob playing as an elf, I believe that we need some changes: 1 - the first suggestion is that all classes when the character is created already appear a basic attack skill or that the "nograde" weapon is a top nograde weapon or almost. 2 - Weapon of your class, I like a sword, but if the guy wants to make an archer, it is the bow he needs, if it is a dagger, then each class, so I suggest that at level 15 when you win the bonus instead to win a dual appear as in level 20 armor, the option to choose which weapon you want. I am not the owner of reason, nor do I send anything, I ask, because we have new players, we need to help you get into the game. hugs, and sorry if the translation was not good, I used a translator
  7. hummm, olha se está passando um momento dificil, não sei^^, sei que abro 5 janelas, e as vezes da um lag, meu note não tem placa de video! internet 20mega fibra otica
  8. I tried to make the transfer of leadership, but the system does not complete the transfer, as I have done this for a long time, I do not know what is happening, as it has not changed the system, but does not transfer the leadership to another account
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