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  1. @Juji Hello my friend Regarding the "summer sales" event... can you please double check your calculations for Aden talisman bundles ? Event: 1600 NCoins for 5 aden talismans = 320 Ncoin per talisman LCoins store: 6260Lcoins/600 = 10.4 aden talismans.. 2000Ncoin / 10.4 =192.3NCoin for 1 aden talisman.. So where is the discount of 20% then from new event ?
  2. @Juji Hey there, appreciate if you/your team could double check the settings/ drops table mappings for these new 85 lvl bosses. It looks like drop rate and items are taken from some other/wrong table or so (e.g. D/C items dropping from 85 epic boss). Many thanks. xKaza
  3. Server Fix !

    Nice summary of current and very actual issues. Game is falling into a black hole.. Would be really nice if GMs/Game Producers/boss who sits in a nice office there, can think a bit about the people who spend all their free time in this game.. This game needs to be revitalized and balanced to reflect the reality of the fail market, fail drop rates, OBVIOUS FAIL on those pony bots in Ruins of Agony and other locations WoDy mentioned. Guys please , we need a change!!!!! This doesn't go right direction, clearly you will feel it via decreased revenues... What is the point to invest money in this game if it will die soon with such an approach from Developers side. Thank you!