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  1. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    1. It's not pvp when you get one-shot 2. You can't advance in-game to stand against such people - you'd have to spend thousands of dollars. Anyway, I've been around since C3 and I'm not a hello kitty kind of player, I always go back when PKed and try to take my revenge, but it's mostly by annoying the PKers with my presence as they can't go afk when I keep coming back (that's why I get PKed a lot). But while they are not afk, I can't even scratch them for most of the time. I do not consider it fun and I'd prefer to spend my time in a different way. With the old system even if you were weak, strong players would hunt the Pker hoping to get some nice loot and therefore brought some balance to the gameplay. Now nobody cares and the harassment escalates to the point that the game is no longer fun. To conclude, this new PK system with no penalty is an abomination.
  2. PK Festival - 85 to 105 zones

    There are days when I get PKed more than 50 times and I kid you not, I started counting. This most often happened at blazing swamp when I was lvling my mentee, but I often get Pked in other places as well, for example when someone wants to take over my spot. Thank you NC Soft for ruining the PK system which worked well for so many years. Not only PK does not result in anything negative for the PKer, but also they can remove the red color in a few seconds by killing one or 2 mobs, so even when you attack them, you get automatically flagged... and killed again, this time supposedly via pvp.

    I have the same issue - Central Europe. I checked by connecting to 2 different networks, with wifi and cable - the server ping is around 300 each time. I checked tracert like suggested above, but I am not sure what to do about the results. It shows that the high ping starts somewhere in Germany and remains high till it reaches ncsoft with 260 ms.
  4. Hi, Many things were better in the old days and this includes the event item deletion policy which made more sense. Please consider going back to the old approach. Now: Event ends in two weeks, event items are deleted in two weeks. Before: Event ends in two weeks, event items are deleted in three weeks. This way, players have one week to use the items up. This is fair, since most items are consumables and if I get a few 1h boosts on the last day I will not have a chance to use them. One week when you no longer obtain new items but are still able to use the ones you've got from the event would be very helpful.
  5. Dragon Shirt

    No, since i can waste all enchant scrolls and end up with +0. Let me share my strategy, it may be useful to some of you. What I do with circlets currently: 1. I got 2 circlets 2. I enchanted the 1st one to +1 3. I tried to enchant 2nd to +2 once the 2nd is +2 I keep it and: 4. Try to enchant the 1st one till I get +3 If I succeed I try with the 2nd one to get it to +4 etc. So now I got one circlet +3 and I will not touch it until I get the 2nd one to +4 once I get more scrolls. This way I never end up with nothing. Now I have my dragon Shirt from the exalted quest at +3, if I try to get it to +4 and fail I may not be able to go back to +3 with the few scrolls that I have. That is why I need a 2nd clean shirt, but I do not know how to obtain it
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    Good idea with that dc after 60min of being dead, this should reduce the queue. Though the popup asking if youre here would be nice, because there are some people that keep characters dead on purpose.
  7. Dragon Shirt

    Does anyone know how I can get a 2nd dragon shirt? I got one from exalted quest and I want a 2nd one so I can start enchanting it (I never enchant with only 1 item so I do not end up with nothing)
  8. Doubt about wynn

    Wynn is a broken class, better forget about it just like NC Soft has.
  9. Mentor buffs

    Before the update buffs remained except for the harmony. i don't recall any info on that in patch notes so should be considered a bug.
  10. Homunculus info

    This is most likely a coincidence, but I managed to get a top grade homunculus only on 2 characters which happen to be the oldest ones that i have. - Character created in 2006 wynn - 1st attempt Luminous Ari (skill power) - Character created a few years later mage - 2nd attempt Luminous Churing (m atk) all others got mostly low grade, very few mid-grade
  11. it's not the farmer's fault, it's NC Soft's poor design and no bot-protection that resulted in this situation: 1. Multiple people reported those chains of summoners doing aden 100-day quest for rune stone - there was no action from NC West (I saw them on Naia as well) 2. Poor design resulting in very little chance to get rune stones, especially for new players. While one might argue that dev's intention is that rune stones are supposed to be rare and you should work hard to learn you skills you simply can't change an approach out of the sudden, since you create an unfair advantage for people who get head's up. which brings me to: 3. Clearly the bot owner knew what the update will bring while the majority of players are presented with patch notes a day before launch and they can't prepare. So overall, NC WEST FAILS, yet again.
  12. Sooo, I have just failed an entry to goddard at dimensional raid as... you guessed it! Not enough space in the inventory! Had 95/116 slots and still couldn't get the badge. Now I have to wait for another two weeks to complete this quest. Unless Oren manages to kill all bosses which I hope they do. Thank you NC Soft for ignoring this annoying issue and not responding to our feedback, your community management is the worst I have experienced so far.
  13. For Victory quest bug

    I experienced the same issue with another exalted quest: Confronting the greatest danger. Similarly, NPC mentions another, supposedly easier mission, but does not provide this option.