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  1. WL and SWS 58 + lf cp or clan raid (Giran server) pm in game or mail Hak We are looking active clan or cp
  2. Here we go !!! Russians in action !!! http://prntscr.com/l2nosm
  3. Well Well !!! Guess who's back , The most corrupted gm btw welcome back, and one thing with you z.ranger is back too i guess?
  4. runi

    Heroes, September 2018

    cizes so many randoms appear in forum bloodSh.it, jinSomeWhat?, nymphGuessWho? DH "clown" (I mean clan) grow up , even that handless tank dimedSomething is active in forum after hard feed in oly, eh so many true warriors here, hehe my tears cu and hf
  5. Typical DH players scaming each other, another failed cp like nikopol cp
  6. runi


    - dark ama +12 dual dagger 3sa (stage5,5 and sigel) 35b - eternal robe set +10 (armor blessed) 45b mail in game "runiasty
  7. Come on guys !!! why you care about opinions from Asachiara, a fck troll from united joined dh and now masta blasta pvp player and defender bots, just big LoL
  8. Im glad DH clan took Aden in DS or wait wait it just was only sarcasm ??
  9. Rly? Its topic about recruitment ... A lot of trolls from DH lf attention here? soon guys DS go there and show your bot skill gl with that
  10. look on freya + naia 1 year or max 2 years milking
  11. look on you first kid, if you copy,paste do it right with full version pls, just dont cut and dont lie (fck troll from dh) "and you should be ashamed of yourself" perfect for you
  12. vote for what? look on freya + naia both death servers, there is no more fun in this game, just pure business, that all
  13. About you, look on mirror first then call someone and idiot, cuz if i killed you twice or more dont even rememeber (and you know why) now you are looking attanetion in forum so you have my attention and here should i call you same ? "an idiot" About dubot, just cheater and tiny boy who stuck in l2 and cant find reality
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