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  1. Would be nice to have appearance garderobe in game, to collect weapon and armor skins like in other games, World of Warcraft and etc
  2. @Juji @Hime please turn off Manner and ranking system until u fix it and then turn it on, server is laging and will be laging as long this buged Manner and Ranking system is on , we are losing people online new and old please.
  3. @Juji after Update u added Manner system, this system is causing lags beacuze its checking everyone who is attacking what mob and sending too much data to server and back, imagen if everyone will turn ON Manner system too much data base, remove it. Also Ranking system too much data for server, remove it also
  4. haha i cant believe i use ExitLag and my ip adress change i dont know how often but it change. they baned my account why ? beacuze they think it was haked by difrent guy from difrent ip address, i didnt write any ticket about my account was stolen or hacked wtf are they doing there.
  5. Like in Topic name Can we use WTFast or ExitLag program to lower lantency with server, like in other games Fortnite,PUBG,CS Go, R6 etc My iss Dominator 99lvl got baned today without reason, he was bufing my main character and boom ban he did nothing but buffing main character without party like he supose to do. I writed ticked why they blocked my iss account but we will see. The only thing im using is WTFast to lower my ping. Anyone had same problem ? got baned without reason ?
  6. Do you want to have 50 online only donors who left all they money in this server, fighting npcs ? Why do you kill this game ?
  7. Juji why do you kill this game even more with this stupid PayToKillServer items ? Noone will stay if you gona keep pushing more and more with this stupid PTKS items. Why ? why why why ????? why kill this Live servers ?
  8. Shard

    Buffs overlap

    can someone tell me it we wont be able to use old 3rd class buff anymore ? this is joke
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