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  1. Hello. I want to make a suggestion about exalted quests._I think the quests is too long,where the quest items comes into topic, 40.000 items (!!!!) to collect.In my mind it is too mutch.I would like to recommend to reduce it down ro 4.000 per quest,or max 8.000 per quest.We have life outside this game even if some likes to play this game gets bored by these kind of and type of quests from the beging to end,from the first class transfer quests to the end.I thought you have more creativity then this,i'am disapointed.I hope you create a good content in the future and variarity of quests wi
  2. Hello. I want to know why my sige phoenix knight skill taken out then taken back later and now again taken out?Why other skills like the soul of phoenix are taaken out?I donÍ't see the reason behind it,there must be be a very good one.I reaally want to understand this,rthis.Is a part of some kind of a balance?Do you want your class specific skills back or not?Let me know let the developers know.
  3. Hey.I have some sort of basbal suit for apperance but i don't know how to reomve it.Anyone can help please?
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