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  1. Look up the Aden's SA table and Hardin's Table. Aden have 2 slots and Hardin only 1 slot.
  2. Drop from Tower of Insolence and paid events. Look at players shop in town, maybe someone selling them.
  3. Yeah just block 'em all.
  4. Try the newest race which is the female midget, much more simplistic and easy to play.
  5. The only suggestion I saw taken seriously when was the issue with afk PK and players dropped nice items. That time the build wasn't supposed to be in our version but Juji asked korean dev to speed things up. Other than that nothing much, we just take what they give minus certain items because we are in 'free2play' region.
  6. Just like a mobile idle games isn't it?
  7. They ought to bring Einhasad's Store sooner or later, but I would not count on it.
  8. The issue has been resolved I suppose since no answer from him.
  9. I think with this new update mage can breath again. Just a thought.
  10. yes it will be that case, but we gain 1 additional slot and more patk stat and more. the new SA will get 2 slots + hardin SA
  11. all qualified for it or any conditions we not be made aware of?
  12. there will be new rune for vitality like 30-days vitality maintain it will solve the problem
  13. for now it seems raid leech parties are dead other thing prices keep going down, well most of items not all enjoy it while it lasts
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