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  1. all qualified for it or any conditions we not be made aware of?
  2. there will be new rune for vitality like 30-days vitality maintain it will solve the problem
  3. for now it seems raid leech parties are dead other thing prices keep going down, well most of items not all enjoy it while it lasts
  4. you are right, only XP now good guess
  5. fatal counter also need to be revise
  6. I will use this exp event for my buffers and got sp with raids thank you for my dps I just lvl it normally or raids
  7. compensation pack incoming he will ask dev to fix just for xp/sp but final decision is from the dev so pray hard they will give what we want
  8. how about raid boss loot? will it be auto loot as well? if it is we got another thing coming and bunch of complaints later
  9. last time Aion also have region select with 1 dedicated server just for Oceanic players not sure it was physically located or only timezone on server setting
  10. I need to save adena again for dualclass reset thought it would be around fall
  11. I didn't update my driver for long time and it still work have another rig for demanding titles not this one so ancient
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