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  1. Ray-Tracing Update?

    do not think that is possible
  2. I would recall this half-crippled Ultimate Celebration
  3. Giran server is dead

    for now it seems raid leech parties are dead other thing prices keep going down, well most of items not all enjoy it while it lasts
  4. We need a answer plz

    you are right, only XP now good guess
  5. Curse Death Link

    fatal counter also need to be revise
  6. I will use this exp event for my buffers and got sp with raids thank you for my dps I just lvl it normally or raids
  7. compensation pack incoming he will ask dev to fix just for xp/sp but final decision is from the dev so pray hard they will give what we want
  8. nice if u willing to work for free
  9. how about raid boss loot? will it be auto loot as well? if it is we got another thing coming and bunch of complaints later
  10. Oceania!!

    last time Aion also have region select with 1 dedicated server just for Oceanic players not sure it was physically located or only timezone on server setting
  11. I need to save adena again for dualclass reset thought it would be around fall
  12. Shader effect bug?

    I didn't update my driver for long time and it still work have another rig for demanding titles not this one so ancient
  13. enchant rate for cloaks

    from my view I don't wanna spend so much so I bought clean cloak at l2store and buy scroll from players with adena but I will start to ench it after the event is over or when I feel lucky that day just my cheap dream
  14. Moonlight quest

    just kill mobs around while farming nectar you will get more than 4k or put it on macro
  15. Weapon Upgrade

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Sword_of_Valhalla#Item Upgrade%3A Ferris I'm afraid you need minimum +12 to upgrade weapon not from clean stage example I take from the link above is low B 1h sword upgraded to next in line is wizards tear for top B aka damascus need kesh for top C going to top B need elite varnish https://l2wiki.com/classic/Damascus#Item Upgrade%3A Ferris
  16. Doll of Border Frintezza, what is it?

    your welcome, I found it when I was looking for that site events on classic server
  17. How do I get to the Gracia area?

    Find Keucerus Alliance Base from gatekeeper or new teleport system under gludio https://l2wiki.com/Keucereus_Alliance_Base I have not check the new teleport system will check it later where to go
  18. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

    ISS Blade Dancer active skill for buff Harmony Warrior lvl2 you will get at lvl 103 https://l2wiki.com/Warrior's_Harmony_-_Iss_Spectral_Dancer scroll down to see Skill Upgrade at lvl 103 someone said to make your dual ISS heiro with ISS blade dancer is that when you have both classes on 1 char you do not have to box another ISS just for buff, for example let say you now have ISS heiro at lvl 101 and its dualclass is ISS blade dancer lvl 103; first you change to dualclass ISS blade dancer for its buff harmony lvl2 then you switch back to main class and use all buffs you need include ISS Hiero buff Prophecy of Might (active skill lvl 101) https://l2wiki.com/Prophecy_of_Might_-_Iss_Hierophant this is for physical buff if magic user you another type of ISS but all is up to you how you want to play your character this is just example like many done it to get maximum buff effect hope this clear things out, I help with what I can anything else others can provide it if you ask
  19. Doll of Border Frintezza, what is it?

  20. Help newbie, please

    summoner is cheaper using pet shots my feoh use aoe macro to farm with full support aka buffer and healer, its faster kill and awesome class for info check Class Discussion Section maybe it meant class cloak that have low stat belt you will get at dimensional crack quest at 95 in aden town https://l2wiki.com/Commando_Belt
  21. actually Ertheia already have boosted stat that is why other races got this subclass skills correct me if I'm wrong
  22. exploit event

    a picture would be nice to see

    no staff on game to avoid corruption or taking sides now is era of machine learning AI program code will detect bots behavior and process it
  24. Olympiad Fail

    yes please fix that its not fun