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  1. Feoh gear

    Hi,thanks man.I appreciate your help.I want to play casual so i'll follow your tips.
  2. Feoh gear

    Im 105 with dual 102.I want tips about pve gear.I want to solo areas like storm isle,primeval with ease.I dont want to be top player ,that costs.Now about money i only spent 15$ for the prestige pack.I can spend money for prestige and rare accesory monthly but i want to avoid that.I dont mind if it takes time to acquire items.
  3. Feoh gear

    Can someone tell me a good setup for feoh(soultaker) pve.I want to know what items i should aim for:weap.armor,jewels,talisman,brooch etc.
  4. Prestige Pack Subscription

    it gives 300%adena drop not exp and only for one character.
  5. crystal r grade

    Where i farm or buy crystals r grade to make soulshots?