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  1. 6 minutes ago, Free2play said:

    Hi again, well i will be honest with you. Trying to farm in game even to equip one char will take you 10 years and this is not a joke. The game now starts @ 105, but even so you need gear to farm in any decent place. For example my Feoh ( 107 lvl ) can barely farm effectively in Storm Isle ( 40K / hour ) . That is with generally low gear ( +10 Bloody Robe , +14 Bloody Weapon , Bless Valakas , Abudance lvl 1, lvl 5 Forgoten Skills, lvl 4 jewels etch ), even so this gear is around 200B, and still very hard to solo effectively. ( For example a Good geared Feoh can farm 200KK/hour , but this means Gear worth around 800-1000B . 

    IF you want to be casual player, you can start with either a +12 pve weapon, or a Enchanced shadow Retri, Normal Valakas or Istina Wizard, QA soul and Baium soul, Orfen soul and Antharas . What ever you add in your player try to increase your Magic Critical damage, that is the key in Feohs. 


    PS : Prestige is decent boost . even in AFK you can gather around 150KK/ Day in Hellbound. 

    Hi,thanks man.I appreciate your help.I want to play casual so i'll follow your tips. :)

  2. 1 hour ago, Free2play said:

    Hi there Donatello. In order to help you , you have to define how much money you are willing to spend . Also your level and what you are actually trying to achieve. pve or pvp ? 

    Im 105 with dual 102.I want tips about pve gear.I want to solo areas like storm isle,primeval with ease.I dont want to be top player ,that costs.Now about money i only spent 15$ for the prestige pack.I can spend money for prestige and rare accesory monthly but i want to avoid that.I dont mind if it takes time to acquire items.

  3. Can someone tell me a good setup for feoh(soultaker) pve.I want to know  what items i should aim for:weap.armor,jewels,talisman,brooch etc.

  4. 19 hours ago, chaobel1 said:

    I was wondering if Prestige Pack Subscription gave 300% exp boost to all the toon of Naia server . does it ? I mean if i make 7 toons will all my seven toons have +300% exp boots?

    it gives 300%adena drop not exp and only for one character.

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