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  1. Bladez gz Imperial tomb GoE
  2. Ouch, need to drop l2wiki then. NCWest will do exactly the same by the end of this year or beginning the next one in order to open l2essence.
  3. Cloak enchant rates

    Real rates from ncsoft. Send stuff on giran server if u can: 0 → +1 70% +1 → +2 65% +2 → +3 58% +3 → +4 42% +4 → +5 32% +5 → +6 32% +6 → +7 48% +7 → +8 28% +8 → +9 28% +9 → +10 28% +10 → +11 28% +11 → +12 28% +12 → +13 48% +13 → +14 48% +14 → +15 20% +15 → +16 7% +16 → +17 7% +17 → +18 5% +18 → +19 5% +19 → +20 3%
  4. @Hime another month of P2W items. Did you even try reading server fix thread? You are doing opposite to what we ask you for. Are you trying to milk the dying cow?
  5. Server Fix !

    Come on man, your community is collapsing and instead of pushing producers to give us an answer and solution (no fake promises. which @Juji mastered over the years) you care about the code of conduct. I would also like to notice, current prices after cloth piece overflow on market are way way lower than they should be.
  6. Server Fix !

    I fully agree with all points listed by our romanian colleague WoDy. Server is currently at the worst state possible and instead of trying to fix it, you are making it worse with every single change you make. Even private greek servers x5000 have better customer support and actually listen to their playerbase. Furthermore, no payments will be made towards NCSoft as a company, i hope this movement will spread across all your servers so you can see how you screwed up. Lastly, I would like to say that even though you're not the owner of the content, you can mold it however you want with just some invlovment of ur producer, product owner and playerbase. Look how european servers can mold the client to their standards and then tell me again you can't do it because devs... Then tell devs u have to close the servers because no one plays.
  7. Just randomly watched Juji doing classic preview. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/315891433 Check from 5:30 This is how they keep the word
  8. So no more Silver Coin?

    I think you havent been on the live server when they screwed players up with Hero Coin. Twice. In a period of a year.
  9. Brooches

    Hey Ando my man. I can give you simple answer - Live server is even more P2W than Classic and it's not worth starting there unless u have free 5k euro to invest
  10. Few questions about summoners

    1. No (Servitor Share should) 2. No 3. No
  11. urgent doubt

    Light elf summoner with empower and pp on the back.
  12. Brooches

    Hello NcSoft, I think it is a perfect time to add Brooches on Classic Servers. It's dying anyway so it's worth milking the cow until it's still still possible. Also korean and japan classic have brooches in L2Store for a solid 2 years now! /discuss
  13. staff - you should watch it

    Nice, this is a "Lineage 2 after 2011 in a nutshell" video. iEddie hits 84 people for 7k GJ Ncsoft, I think it's good time to add Brooches now so Eddie can start 1 shooting people.