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  1. i loled at "strategy", dunno why
  2. why do you drag me down to the mud with the nonsense arguments floating around this forum? a video you saw someplace sometime? you got any idea of what the archers or feohs gear were? You ever talk to an endgame geared tyr or feoh? You ppl throw "endgame gear" like you know what that means. Ima close this here coz i see no actual reason to take this further. An archer needs a LOT heavier investment to be effective than the rest of the dds. They can do more at crazy budgets but the rest of the dds do not need crazy budgets to do stuff. You do not hear ppl complaining about archers when they get
  3. you all bicker, complain and fight among yourselves about nerfing classes you do not play. Does this have any effect, is it productive in any way? Meanwhile 0 answers/involvement/information form NC representatives. Half of you do not understand how this game is played anyway. You see archers oneshooting stuff. Do you know the cost of the gear needed to oneshot stuff? the cost is insane, we are talking about trillions. You can have more or less same killing speed Tyrs Feohs Othels with a fraction of the cost. But it's not aoe, it's not that impressive in your eyes. On the other hand
  4. this should be printed and posted in every office in ncwest. wonder what happened to the people claiming all is well in the game, that people have not payed or played enough to enjoy. Melees got lag over a year, archers got their crits nutered, low geared ppl have no way to gear up but spend crazy amounts to convert $$ to ncoins to adena, casuals have no quests or other activities to do, drops are nonexistent and noone has any incentive to party at all. Maybe it's about time the people running this circus to make some hard decisions? imo: forget what is happening in Kr,
  5. man, I popped to see what happening this update and all I see are satisfied customers. Another job well done, decision makers rightfully deserve a raise i believe. For real though hire some players to work for you, how can the people making decisions be so disconnected with wtf is happening in their game?
  6. i am not doing this to criticize or flame you, what you do with your wallet is your business, but this is not normal for a game and sadly this is what this game is at this moment just a money sing with 0 content people are complaining for years, but a collective approach is not possible as there are a "few" ppl who constantly purchase anything keeping the numbers up. The exception was the big clan that migrated to Core a few months back that shook them a bit. The thing is they have shown to have the power to adjust xp, group xp and drop rates, event or not the ability is in the
  7. you act like its the first time this happens. What exactly is the problem? that you spend 5k for digital gambling or that you got nothing out of it? What did you expect? I do not see any1 complain why these stuff is not reasonably farmable or farmable at all "in game". .
  8. i;d rather resupply my stuff to the market like everyone does, i can mail you the leftover garbage if that makes you feel special So, first off, this post is not for you, so how many times you personally have heard this is of no interest to anyone. Good for you. if you enjoy what you call l2 in 2020 good for you. is anyone shitting on your opinions of how you enjoy yourself? BUT, when dissatisfied customers express problems they have, they are not solved in a reasonable period of time you have to understand THEY ARE NOT BOUND HERE LIKE YOU. We are not forced to be here, and you certa
  9. you do not need xp, adenas, farming spots, and items to farm really. Here, have a new shiny lootbox. Why does this increasingly aggressive push of lookboxes feel like a dying breath of this game? aggressive lootbox promotions, a raid that gives angel scrolls? and a 1 min herb that actually looks great... Great decision making. To the decision making team out there: What is your product here? What is making ppl stay here? Nostalgia is long gone. Overwhelming xp for the time invested got ppl to flood the servers with every toon they had. Prestige sales should have peaked
  10. that is a 2+ year old post, it is heavily outdated. you can search a recent post about a dude who spend thousands of euros/dollars asking how to set up his items.
  11. it saddens me to say but the reliable way to get them atm is lootboxes like 90%+ of any item in this game/ As long as the lootbox quotas is being met, there is no reason to let you farm items ingame anymore. This is the trend. Wait for some lootbox event, the market will be flooded and the prices will drop. Buy what you need then. gl
  12. @Slycutterwhat authority do you have to speak on behalf of NC? your opinions and deducitons hold as much salt as mine and the rest of the people here so please do not make me go uncivil here. we are not paying Korea, we are paying NCwest, i expect answers from NCwest. Everyone, or most at least, are paying a little for years, they are just neglected until recently when a herd of wales migrated to Core. The game progression problem remains, how do people get gear through ingame means. There is a recent post floating around about a dude who bought a + 15 weapon and ++++ gear, asking pp
  13. @Juji@Himeso what's the word on the feedback post? Coz this event although gives ridiculous amounts of xp solves 0 of the games long term problems. In 2 weeks we will still be in square 0. What are you doing and what is the plan
  14. i could not agree more buddy. I'm pretty sure there is a term in psychology about people being so deeply invested into something that they always find angles on what's going on to defend their investment, disregarding reasonable arguments. Any psychologists out there?
  15. pretty fast to intervene on bots as always buddy.Can you be as fast to demonstrate the feedback you give to the dev team from the propositions of the players? What else do you actually do here besides deleting such posts and banning ppl who are actually try to play the game by the rules you set and eventually get frustrated with all the cheating you allow?? I'm legitimately asking, coz that is all we see here. Lastly how long have you played this game?
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