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  1. Paagrio Earring bug

    aren't people you abuse bugs getting banner? hahhahha
  2. totally agree. No reason to log, no reason to be here still maybe check back in a week or so see if by accident they do something right (maybe). 0 desire to log and almost 0 desire to even check the forums. Took ~15 years. Too long
  3. this is mostly because most of the items traded now are recycled, resulting in fewer number of items and jacked up prices. what is the competition in the market? very few new items enter the market coz item drops are mostly nonexistent and frankly they are mostly useless. What is sought after are highly over-enchanted pve/pvp items as well as l2store items to be able to manage the mobs . lets not even mention what is needed to be able to somewhat compete in pvp.
  4. yup, 0 reason to log again this week. maybe check back next rr if in the mood, see if something change. Got to say, less motivated to hop back in by the week. Also noticeable reduction of posts huh? people are finally fed up as well? Will that motivate changes, owning responsibility and finally clear communication and proof of work form NC? highly doubt it but some can just hope. Still taking notes how NOT to treat my customers. Learning a lot here.
  5. The question is what exactly is the producer doing? What is the plan? Still waiting for a summary of the players suggestions by NC, although I find the total disconnect with the client-base fascinating. On the other hand if they manage to sell the required lootboxes for the month who needs to take care of the community? Your suggestions seem reasonable enough but I'll leave my favorite quote of all time from the forums, form the feedback thread by @3ali "do i look like QA Tester? do ur job dude, make a toon and try to progress in this current game with the current prices in the market, with the current lvling experience, where u only need to stack toon of vitality pots, and where u need tons of usd to make a decent gear from the ncstore. what a lazy team.... HOW DARE YOU!!"
  6. well... when did they say they are pushing an update? end of September? maybe relog then. I've had enough o this. Your service is not good enough. To the people staying, I salute your patience. maybe lurk to the forums a bit to see how this plays out but not i find no reason to log since 0 of the problems is fixed
  7. and how exactly did we end up in this situation? did that happen with a snap of the fingers? people complain because all the good will we all had has dried up
  8. you understand 2k is a few months rent for some ppl? but it's casual to refer to such amounts not even the base to be able to enjoy the game. are you all insane or what? listen to yourselves. you are asking in essence for new players, whats should be considered the lifeblood of any game, to pay more than 2k to be able to enjoy most aspects of a game? and you find this reasonable? the problem is not spending "some" here the problem is the amounts. The problem is also that the way the game has changed it is impossible to play it without spending such amounts, like a freemium mobile game. As for me I'm reading all these posts and realize that almost 15 years in you ppl are blind or or addicted or something. What is wrong with you?
  9. weapon restoration.

    you have to ask yourself two questions, How long would it take you to get rid of a business partner that acts like NCWest or if you ever cooperate with such a partner at all, and How long will it take them to delete this post
  10. would a present make you stay if the games problems are not fixed?
  11. well your maintenance moves are NOT accepted. maybe will be back after next rr, just to check out wtf you decided to do, probably not. gl to the people who endure this circus. Well played to the employees who practically managed to run this to the ground. Impressive work. Big fan here. You ppl should teach some classes or something on how to do business. Or maybe psychology, how to make people come back on their own for more torture. Laters maybe
  12. Since the community's confidence in your decision making regarding what is happening in your servers i would say is very close to 0, I would request sharing a summary of what you got from the feedback. Not necessary what you will change, but what you understand the community wants. So some of us can also make some decisions on how, or where, to play this game next. Thnx
  13. Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

    well, one foot is already out the door but this feedback post has me intrigued posting what they got out of that post would either be interesting or funny. waiting for the last nail on the coffin or a rez scroll
  14. PlundersPlain #nerfe

    can you please explain to us what is balanced according to you and the dev team?
  15. @Juji could you please share with the rest of the people what you got out of this thread as feedback so we have some common ground of understanding and communication when you are done processing?