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  1. oh lord, so many jokes and so little space to write them
  2. here is an idea

    i'm really getting sick and tired of the adena spam in pms and mails once one sets foot in any town. Can the employees who "definitely" play this game clean that up? here is an idea, why don't you log for like 5 mins a day and teleport around with a toon banning the spammers? you can't miss them, they use better automations than you do. I mean you already log to play or at least play-test this game don't you? (sad joke....)
  3. Chronos Down?

    hamsters taking a break
  4. I find your statement hard to believe. Please explain, coz i find it impossible to believe you managed to farm past exalted gear w/o the ncstore (either for yourself or to trade for adenas) or bandwagoning after players who already spend a bunch and are already geared as a buffpet, puller or smthng else. Sure got my buffer to 108+ by bandwagoning to crazy geared ppl and eventually got a ++ armor and decent weapon, had i not been fortunate enough to be taken to instances i would never survive on my own for a few months the buffer would never get lvled or geared like she is now. BUT it relied on other ppl spending a buttload of cash to drag my ass, so the buffer is F2P. A +8 set will cost you roughly around 10b and a red weapon 30b when talking the absolute minimum and lowballing it at that (not augments, talismans, cloaks, jewels, epics etc). Further more, do you believe you can be competitive in pvp/siege/etc with your stuff? Coz let me tell you brother, you gonna go against a person who spent ~20k (felt filthy just writing this) who is not even top geared, you are 99% gonna be torn to shreds. i'd agree with your 2nd statement ppl. should get permabaned and they would if they were F2P, But they are not so they won't. Every company has "special" treatment for the well-paying customers, Oh! excuse me, this is a F2P game, i meant to say spenders.
  5. What do you miss?

    miss farming fire stones in IoP I miss seeing drops and actually farming for something, getting back to town with more loot that i left town with miss VoS and MoS, aoe at FoG and Seed of Annihilation, the one with the bugs i miss knowing who i;m dealing with at random groups, every toon is disposable now, takes a week to lvl rmt to gear and can be discarded in the blink of an eye. i miss actually being able to farm higher level gear instead of buying with rmt, and needing trillions of gear in order to farm maybe millions of adenas I miss questing that actually gave you a goal to something Most of all ...I miss xping with my old friends who quit because what NCsoft turned this game into... Although I'm back after many years of being of being off, recently I find myself asking why I'm still logging. I do not enjoy this mobile game model at all, and tbh I am not emotionally involved in this game anymore as I am sure many people disconnected with it as well, courtesy on the people running this circus
  6. when are the message pigeons from Korea expected to arrive concerning the reduced clan quest rewards? We forgot about that didn't we?
  7. never suggested anything to anyone friend. I commended on the absurdity of the situation. As a simple observer, I find this behavior odd, even more odd how people have been eased into this as the normal state. I'm long past my enthusiastic days when i could not wait to enter this brothel. Today I'm around periodically coz of some memories, as most of the old players, something this new person does not have. When you take a step back and see it for what it is, you might see things with a different lens. Not necessarily as i see things but different nonetheless. And on that note, the beautification of the brothel by presenting a human wreck as the only alternative option isn't really an argument for the brothel now is it? It's more of a fallacy. If i cared enough to suggest something on his question i would indeed suggest he does not "invest" his money here and instead try actual gambling where eventually he could get a small portion of his money back every now and then, and i present this suggestion out of concern for a fellow human being who is cautious enough to ask information.
  8. this sounds like the truth

    Morning! Nice day for fishing ain't it? huhuh!
  9. as i play DOTA 2 every now and then, Valve was forced (i assume) to display the chances of getting at item from their lootboxes (at least the rare items) and after the community banded together, the chances for rare items escalates with displayed chances the more boxes you buy. But i digress, making this community of trolls band together for anything that is beneficial for the player is like herding cats. Furthermore (and this i saw in the past and also recently in the dota reddit with screenshots, too lazy to search again and post the link do the research yourselves) certain EU countries not only display the chances of the items in the boxes but what you get exactly from the next lootbox you purchase eliminating the "chances" of this whole thing based on the country legislation (so different behaviors for the same purchase at different countries in the EU). I do not believe Valve has servers in every country to abide with the existing laws, but i;m not a legal expert as the people arguing on behalf of ncsoft here. Regardless it would benefit the players so one would think players would be for this change. but nah, for some people trolling the forums is more fun. Lastly, one would assume as long ans they provide virtual goods in the "Glorious EU", no matter where their servers are, as long as they accept money transfers for said exchange form EU, EU law would apply to them. You cannot buy firearms for example from US and get them in EU based on the US legislation, you have to abide with the much different EU laws on firearm possession.
  10. i love this tread, glad noone finds spending 2-7-20k in a 15+ year game (or any game) odd. Good stuff right here someone outside of this thread might tell you you might need some help. but not here, here, around all these mature adults all is cool
  11. Where have all the raids gone?

    ncsoft employees clearly play this game and find these mechanics alright. What you describe Sly are "features" not bugs or problems
  12. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    for the people complaining about the promos, here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKVfRY53qIY
  13. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    well technicaly this is not an excuse. free to play doesn't mean it's a charity, people spend money they expect something back
  14. go into stakato area and toi with standard equipment and see what's up, hell get an unenchanted pve r110 set with unenchanted r110 weapon and go into a raid or daily and see what's up? you want a list of all the areas i can think of and try to find the limit of standard gear?