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  1. hilarious to still read these restart patches. how did the other guy call it? playing and winning? hahha Cheers to the ppl still logging and putting up with this stuff
  2. Its a free forum where ppl like you still roam, getting agitated when randoms voicing opinions on how ludicrous this game has become and how nothing changes in the players favor. It is still mildly entertaining for a bit. No, you are not having discussion about the game, you are trying in your weird way to diminish a large part of the community's opinions and problems. A conversation would imply some sort of argument for your position. If you cannot see this “if you can’t afford to win, level up in real life and come back when you’re ready to compete.” as a problem for a game there
  3. You can re-read most of your posts in this thread for the air you are looking for. Yeah, it's an open space for discussion, some1 saying he doesn't like something and getting answers like "Who are you exactly and what makes you feel like you have the right to speak for the people or ncsoft? " "Stop spamming the forums with your tears and nonsense" and so on and so forth. Constructive. It doesn't really matter to any1 here, besides NC, how many coins you buy. Considering how much you brag about it, my guess is you would not be around w/o that convenience. Good for you
  4. if you are having such a good time, what's your problem here friend? why complain about other ppls problems? The OP did not talk directly to you, so why butthurt over this? you wanna burn your disposable income, who is stopping you? How does an opinion effect your gameplay in any way? wtf is wrong with you? sounds too me some1 is way deep in, and things this is gonna interfere with one's addiction somehow. Seek help.
  5. Well... we finally manage to drive all the players out of the game. It's just us in the map now. What now?
  6. @Akashhathe thing most people tend not to think about is we don't really need to be here. We would like to be here if we are treated fairly, but most of the normal people don't really need to be here. Normal meaning not addicted personalities. As everywhere in life, poor treatment or service will end up in people leaving for better places. Would you stay in a relationship that you put in all the time and get your needs ignored? Would you keep going to a shop that gives you poor service and overcharges you for nothing in return? I wouldn't. Not healthy behavior imo, but i guess everyone h
  7. judging from past and recent practices that is highly unlikely I'm not bothering to log till there is something to do in this game, xp event is not a motivator for me. Sooner or later I'll eventually not even bother to check what they do on restarts.
  8. Name is just fine, cool argument though, quickly divert attention.
  9. exactly, until that happens, one would suppose ppl would happy no1 gets. The people you claim will dominate the market with 200 jewels already dominate the market, they are already a monopoly. you think your 1-2 box per week gets prices down? realy? Some1 would think the people who get 90% of the boxes would be the ones to complain, not the ppl who get 1-2. Did some1 hurt your farm friend?
  10. who exactly farms the boxes budy? Random players farming up thier xp or the billion cameras logged by "legal" means with trillions worth of gear toons porning just seconds after the box spawns?? Farmable content for sure. As for prices of the needed jewels. What was the price of Ruby 5 yesterday before this announcement? In chronos think I saw 200b in a shout? Let's say in a market 1 kind of items is controlled by 1-2 ppl, what drives the prices down? Let me tell you it's not competition.
  11. after getting sober form ts game for enough weeks/months i got to say, you ppl are truly unique. 99.9% of the gaming communities try to abolish lootboxes, yet you are one of the few, if not the ONLY one, that demands more and better ones. You spend multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars/euros for no content and you complain about it! You ppl truly deserve the game you ended up co-creating, coz all this would not be possible with just NC. I check foruns from time to time and part of me feels disgusted i took my small part in this. Why don't you try tell someone around you who doesn't p
  12. seems most likely, but idk dude, maybe you overthink about it. Have these ppl demonstrated any level of competence in planning anything? even their lootbox tactics so far are uninspired. certain ppl will buy anything, this probability manipulation is unnecessary. besides, when did they ever respond in the forums on anything serious? there are pages of discussions of problems and suggestions in the forums. Seen any NC employee involved at all? seen anything change? discussing such things among players and former-players has no weight in shaping these servers.
  13. could be the reverse In Dota 2, when you open a lootbox the rare and very rare items have better probabilities of dropping the more lootboxes you open. Notice that the said probabilities are displayed for the "rare" "very rare" and "extremely rare" items.
  14. not worth, they are not marketable, and the free gear the game gives you is way better. I've sent a semidetailed message in your inbox about crafting now. gl
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