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  1. after getting sober form ts game for enough weeks/months i got to say, you ppl are truly unique. 99.9% of the gaming communities try to abolish lootboxes, yet you are one of the few, if not the ONLY one, that demands more and better ones. You spend multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars/euros for no content and you complain about it! You ppl truly deserve the game you ended up co-creating, coz all this would not be possible with just NC. I check foruns from time to time and part of me feels disgusted i took my small part in this. Why don't you try tell someone around you who doesn't p
  2. seems most likely, but idk dude, maybe you overthink about it. Have these ppl demonstrated any level of competence in planning anything? even their lootbox tactics so far are uninspired. certain ppl will buy anything, this probability manipulation is unnecessary. besides, when did they ever respond in the forums on anything serious? there are pages of discussions of problems and suggestions in the forums. Seen any NC employee involved at all? seen anything change? discussing such things among players and former-players has no weight in shaping these servers.
  3. could be the reverse In Dota 2, when you open a lootbox the rare and very rare items have better probabilities of dropping the more lootboxes you open. Notice that the said probabilities are displayed for the "rare" "very rare" and "extremely rare" items.
  4. not worth, they are not marketable, and the free gear the game gives you is way better. I've sent a semidetailed message in your inbox about crafting now. gl
  5. you need 105 if i'm not mistaken to craft r110 items, you need the recipes i;m guessing you do not have atm from the recipe selling npc. There are no pages that show anything for this server, there is l2wiki for the EU server, coz apparently they got some brains there. As i said there are no spoils besides lifestone parts, no other spoils. Also there are no drops in the game anymore just crafting materials and "aden treasure boxes" that contain 99.9% 70k adenas.
  6. recipes are sold my a recipe merchant npc, there is on in the middle of aden square materials are just drops, only think that spoils now is parts for lifestones. crafting is tied to ether, which is random drop, character bound and limited to 120 per day. So crafting is limited. If something changed the past weeks some1 else can chime in. This is not the game you might remember or know from free servers....
  7. from what i read seems they are actively try to make the rest of you ppl quit, or at least make you consider your choices concerning this game
  8. you know at first i thought you were trolling. updated the game just to log and see. I mean woah, this system is a thing of beauty. I actually laughed irl! +12 boots+gloves +gems and cry of prot for +7 element def? amazing stuff, give that person a bonus. 3 radiant circlets for 1,3%hp? seems legit to me! super adv bracelet for 50 element? every1 got a bunch of those around. W/e approved of this system here as it is, sir/madam, i applaud you, you just made a big fan here. That is the stuff that convince ppl to play again rofl. Just wow!
  9. so you gonna pass the matter of spending 8k+ on a game like it's a normal thing? or that he is the one needing counseling coz he is like a unique case? you got a pretty good idea what ppl spend here on their addiction. This person was just the 1st (as far as i know) to actually articulate it in a vid.
  10. a time when ppl did not pay thousands of euros per month to NC to "play" i might add. Puts things into perspective doesn't it? Where do your (plural) lootbox money go? Maybe some1 will eventually think to hire an intern, give him/her the Korean stuff and google translate for a few days and then comb through it with the decision makers for 1-2 days to delete what will not be implemented here. Then make at least a rough/semi-detailed list post here a week prior so the player base knows and prepares where and how to spend their money. But hey, that requires a lot of competence, thought, mon
  11. although i can't sympathize with your problem, coz you know... it's actually gambling in an rpg setting, or literally burning your money, i can offer a suggestion to every1: how about ppl have to actually play the game to get stuff instead of being forced to purchase lootboxes in order to hit mobs? like doing quests that give relevant and meaningful items. having rewarding daily activities. Being incentivized to play with groups. having events that make them interact with other players for common proffit. having A SUPPORT TEAM of gms who know the game to and FIX ongoing issues. Craz
  12. what a cool thread.... Has any of the GMs ot the "bent up on rules" admins here replied, addressed, implemented any of the suggestions or at the very least even have read this? i hear fascinating stuff are written here. What's new? has anything changed or been done in the past weeks? Any incentive to log again?
  13. you are not allowed by who and why? Man you are running this dumpster fire like a champ. So fascinating to watch from the outside now.
  14. although i 100% agree, what do you make of a) the continuation of this course by nc, and b) the fact that ppl put up with this? what do these 2 day for both nc and this playerbase?
  15. maybe i;m clueless maybe i'm not as heavily invested in the game as you, or maybe I have not logged in this game for weeks and i'm just a drifter in the forums, who knows. Still the 2nd test seems fair enough, the 1st one was bullshit though no matter how you look at it. Maybe if you did some proper testing to begin with, people would acknowledge your statements. Just a though.
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