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  1. Party leader

    Hello, A suggestion. When a party leader disconnects for any reason, a window pop up on all party members who ever click ok at that window, he becomes the New Party Leader. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Juji @Hime Hunting Zone Changes: Most of these are unnecessary and unwanted. Why to decrease more the already decreased zones ... ????????
  3. fix IOS rates !!
  4. @Hime @Juji I started playing in Official like 4 years ago, i left the game because back then after reached 105 lvl with middle gear +12 weapon etc i couldn't even farm my buffer/main char spirit ores / soulshots and the servers had no people online we was like 800-1000 players almost family. Now you made this fix and from 350m/ hour im at 180m/hour you did a "fix" after 7 Months (maybe more), that downgrades farm of adena at -65%, in the only zone that was possible to make your own adena. Do the math you can go in 6 hour and after first hour every time increase stone has 140m!! Whats the point to go back 4 years, in a position that we cant even get buffer spirit ores for once more time ? (only spirit ores and dye powders costs like 350m / day +-) and im buying my bss from the store . Clearly adena rates in Stronghold is not a bug as Core and the Russian servers has the same rates as before the "fix". Change it back please, is a huge disappointment to everyone including me.
  5. Nice adena rates !!! GJ, you are in the right way to see light servers again!
  6. @Juji Except from drop adena, drop items the problem applies to XP to. +1 for the gm buff