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  1. Hello, About position before spawn - no one know. Just accept this info. About detect / auto invite & summon / auto follow to npc & position etc its right info. Re log with stable macro changed.. and few many dirty tactics.. all is there, btw on my youtube chhannel some fun videos. About this topic and same problem.. for 1st many ppl don't use forum. for 2nd almost all not care about same botters, because for standard player what is diff who will kill chest, one botter or no botter or someone another? If basic player don't have profit then why he
  2. Same unlucky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43HBLFDPVsw
  3. Hi, One answer and possible last in this thread. I don't have any reason show you my action and even learn how to do it. If GMs will have question how this possible or what happened i will show personally to them. Why people always think i need follow they action or "i invite you", and its one guy from many.. guys, be grateful for the fact that i show you something at all, something that few people talk about. Who can show something good from top players or farmers? Any one? And why after my showing game play i need make excuses? Because you don
  4. Hello, Many people learn how to play better or something new how to improve game play from my stream. Also new guys coming to our server after my stream. So, really i need care about haters who only try find way how to cry and about new petitions? Or really you think i don't know that possible same situation on stream time or i cant delete stream if something wrong? Be smarter please and try find information for make yourself better... with your cry you cant be good boys. Thanks, cya in the game.
  5. Pathetic/hypocrites guys from clan MAX . And CL suppor them so = same. For 1st need learn game mechanic. This pvP zone like Gainak/Coliseum/Standart arena. Its another type pvP zone then Siege and no any problem to use there My Teleport Scroll. for 2nd. Your CL llllllullllll and imoony and another toons use same my teleport. So, its right you report them too for same My Teleport? Its rhetorical question. For 3rd. Open https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-patch-notes and report yourself leaders/team mates for use Kelbim Weapons for Attack Priest minimum. Double sta
  6. Sadly about information fafurion update. Better to have with delay Fafurion, than wait 6 month for next double update. We always like play with new content and better by step upgrade system.
  7. Hello, For reproduce this situation just wait zero minute of every hour. For example 4:00, 5:00 etc. Every hour script server doing something, need off some function and finish this lag.
  8. Innova not understand that they fixed 1 problem, but did 2nd big. For example I can easy clean all loc with same system for 10-15h per day, and neutrals cant be stay in any open field like GC/refinery/AF etc etc. That mean no open field boss and another actions. Way for fix this problem: 1. Change PK count when possible destroy/drop items 4>50 for example or 100, that mean ppl cant be drop something or lose with PK system abuse so fast. 2. Change game mechanic, Now its PK (Red) > Standart (White), need PK (RED) > Standart (Flagged Pink). Cya i
  9. Hello, I don't like make any report, but i will not silence when our "opponent" in the game make hypocrite actions. Name: CooCoo, Server: Naia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lppVibjU3kw&feature=youtu.be We used 1st same tactic with transformations vs their auto click. But who care when they can lie? Thanks.
  10. Just for info. For 1 days this "event" gave more fragments then for all time on all servers. It was worth it? Disbalance? These were rhetorical questions. If NCWest add event with Claws we will have reason go to dragons and fight for it?! For now we lost reason go to baium/aq/helios/orfen/kelbim. This items cost so low and *events* killed it. Some more event for s7 and no reason for lilith/anakim. (just for info anakim cost 8b+ before last event, now 4). Defence Castle in Dim Sieges for reward Dark Amaranthine Stone? After Shirts event ppl still have it. I
  11. Hello, With these events, you can not raise the online server and attract new players, not to mention keeping the old players. Dragon Weapons is the only thing left from the gameplay that is difficult to do and done by the clans for years. If you need to fulfill a plan, why not introduce new Shirts, Talismans which will also sooner or later introduce? Why now? Sadly, very strange solution. Thanks for understanding. P.s. After such a promotion, I strongly advise to NCWest to make free greater events without l2 store (for example on Fantasy Island with hidden box or Pi
  12. Hello, Its lineage 2. Today you are winner, tomorrow you can lose it. Just accept this. For ppl who still don't understand what is happened and what is changed you can say "hi" to last update. With nerf sacrifice skill (tank), party what was so powerfull lost def and lllll cant live so much with our focus and in the end less usefull. That mean MAX clan need more strongers DD, because without llll not big problem kill last 3-4 good DD and finish fight. About guy with big ego - Legend from GODS party cant lose vs anyone without soft, its impossible! (sarcasm) Thank
  13. Hello Conguero, We all understand why NCWest need all this Store Events. The problem is that it is often and so big difference from the basic items. 2 same events in 1 month sounds no good. I'm ready for such events. But people who cant buy Ncoins and don't have so much adena (for buy coins in game) cant competition vs another. In the end, they will either go to the middle side or leave server, because cant pay so much in free to play game. I want the LineageII to live as long as possible. But you must contribute to this and not worsen the situation. So there n
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