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  1. that's why Clan Losbandidos has 10 DW.
  2. It's all wrong. Nerva Orc Merchant lv 99, dropping 20kk to 40kk per mob. you are not seeing that.
  3. https://ibb.co/888td3W https://ibb.co/6gL6bzK https://ibb.co/hHKz8xm Farm adena easy. use prestige pack and teleport from gainak to Raider s crossroads kill the Mob: Nerva orc merchant. there are 7 of them. your respawn is 20 minutes. adena drope is around 18kk to 40kk per mob. I will post the video on YouTube showing how to find and kill.
  4. my character is blocked. I can't send Friends or mentor.
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