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  1. I know it is not a prizewinning screen but certainly better then the adena art one https://ibb.co/SP5P1pm
  2. In my opinion the one with adena art has nothing to do with the topic and has to be disqualified, 1 its a bad screen, bad art and I have no clue where is he
  3. Ok wow, and when I actually thought we had 1 quest which gives us something....
  4. Dude will you stop this? Did you do the IT quest before the anniversary event , immediately after the new update? Yes or no? did u get 20 trillion yes or no? I can answer it , yes you did and yes u got 20 trillion, there is no comparison, this is fact
  5. I agree what @Reserva , we were told due to the 16th anniversary the quest exp should be 2x … meaning 2x20 trillion, but the quest has the same reward so @Geo22 what do you care more about? Your own welfare or others businesses?
  6. That was an overdramatization … but thanks for the advice
  7. I agree with you, but you also have to understand by having a date 6th of may 02.00 , that should have been kept , don`t you think? and 02:00 what pm/am? that is why I thought that it will be removed at maintenance
  8. I have a suggestion, put it in the NCstore 1 more day because since it is once per account only those who didn`t get it can buy it.
  9. Hi, last night e went to sleep relaxed knowing that the maintenance rune will be still there on the 6th of May, I woke up in the morning 7 am to see horrified that the rune is gone from NCstore. I mean I didn`t take it cuz I still had 1 day and 3 h left from the creation one. Can I ask why is it gone before the due date? This is quite frustrating tbh. How can I get it? And how is it possible for it to be gone before the maintenance. Please do something about it, I find it quite unfair.