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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    UM if all servers are at full capacity, surely someone should take notice and have actual good items (and a lot cheaper please) you'd make more money. This way all youre doing is living off magma cards. I would like to buy NCCoin but if it wont help my character then of course I won't buy. Im looking at going to 105 (maybe) on classic now but all I see are tired lagged out toons. If you want new players to stay and older ones to buy stuff they really need, adjust prices for NCCoins.
  2. Agree, and I only just got here. Its not worth spending money here now.
  3. As a noob solo player this will help a lot.
  4. D Duals

    WTB D Grade Dual weapon
  5. Server Fix !

    Learn to play is from what the nineties? OLD.
  6. Server Fix !

    Look, it's really simple, happy players buy nc coins. I think youre getting ready to finally pull the plug on this game.
  7. Server Fix !

    I'm very new here and it looks like this is one game I will never catch up with everyone else on. Im not level 40 yet but when a c grade robe set costs less than a much needed spellbook then the economy must be wrong? Or is the plug being pulled on this game before I waste any more time trying to make ends meet.