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  1. Server Fix !

    Game from the point of new player... I just started to play here, and what I see: 1) shots with price of 22 a, while SSD should be 10 a. No selling crap, it makes situation even worse. Its starting levels, so later, when mobs are harder, and you have to spent more consumable materials, it will be catastrophic. 2) In one place crowds of low level elf mages with unicorns, don't give possibility to farm. In another place - the same. In third place is destroyer in A-grade equipment with pack of 3-prof support... All the locations are for level 20-25! In game with logic, high levels should have competition for the best farm on high level locations. Aren't? For me absolutely clear, that server doesn't worth for spending money. And, if i will be killed by PK - than, its obviously, server is not worth even for spending time. Lootbox-fans, 10 men, will play it alone, without another players, will see how long.
  2. Server Fix !

    Pay to win shop is a cancer of the game.
  3. Ich bin kein Deutscher, aber lebe ich in Deutschland, und studiere Deutsch. Ich möchte einen deutsch Clan zu finden. "FlorianGeyer