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  1. Can please inform us better about that? the options are two... what mean reward adjusted? Nerfed or Increased ? and difficult adjusted? Higher or Lower ?
  2. Ncwest, it's a SHAME how u nerf our region with patches!! PLUS- Start to make ENCHANT RATES LIKE IN THE PAST FIRSTLY !!!!!!!!
  3. Ncwest he has rights, it's a SHAME how u nerf our region!! Start to make ENCHANT RATES LIKE IN THE PAST FIRSTLY !!!!!!!!
  4. anything that give still a sense to login? greedy chests fixed? some power boosts to get reasonables farming? some exp? some add-on on l2store for missing stuff like einhsad store? nothing nothing just stale?
  5. The system is completely old, now broken, abusables and lamerable.... BECAUSE THIS WAR SYSTEM WAS NOT TOUGHT INTO A AFK MACRO SYSTEM GAME.... by the tryck u get flag u put ur toon under ppl afk macro, repeat 5times and bam, war triggered by LAMERING. DEVELOPERS SHOULD WORK AND IMPROVE SERIOUSLY THEIR GAME TO WHAT NEED AND WHAT NOT, NOT ONLY TAKE MONEYS BY GAMBLING EVENTS ONLY.
  6. i really hope the fusion of ncwest to the other company will bring here staff competence, that care of improvement life and works, not like this situation where juji and hime come only to put scam events and go in holidays with customer $$$
  7. Now im understanding why ppl prefear choose Adena Sellers and buy from them instead to buy any ncoins. By 2oo euros i literally got again only 15bils, previous event 2oo euros 17bil. Even the prestige pack is totally useless because with 12eur u get surely BILIONs in a month (with these rates shits and even with drop rate by rune boosted u dont really feel the difference). Now with prestige if ur'e not a super ultras equipped char, how many adena do you think will give back in ur financial balance at end of month...? that is really angry, ur be
  8. So im a little happy, finally got decent stuff from packets. I've tried these and i got: (opened 4) emerald got lv5 (opened 3) topaz lv3 (opened 5) diamond lv5 (opened 2) ruby lv4 (opened 5) tanzanite lv4 (opened 4) pearl lv4 i cant ask more from that ^^
  9. I exp ONLY when rates are on, then i take pause and cancelled everything prestige and no buy destiny. I also dont want talk about the insane expensive events, i dont buy more ncoins because they go only raise and raise and raise like we are STUPID customers.
  10. This company-game is the best insanity scam/ridicolous that i never seen in the online games.
  11. lol you're talking to a WALL....boring stay h24 and dont see 1%exp, they need feel the game experience!! godsake that would be a very nice improvement.
  12. Hello yesterday i was dieing all time in my usual spots. i tried then to move in weak and littler spots but after a tot time i found my char dead... Conclusion = i went to job and i shut down my pc coz was impossible stay in macro, i lost ONE DAY of prestige and exp!!!!! Any words from u staff? any compensation wtf?! exp is very very bad now and no party bonus % is on, plus we die all time when lag and you lose 1day
  13. PLEASE DELETE REDUCTION XP FOR EVERY PT MEMBERS THAT JOIN: the UNIQUE way (to help ur friends who have lower gears) is: DELETE REDUCTION OF XP FOR EVERY PT MEMBER THAT JOIN. You will keep with this way EVEN a slowers fresh ppl that starts not so much, they dont steal exp and u get even a little help to kill mobs. So equation: ok if i exp in solo i take 4bil per mobs xp, if i full pt i take even 4bil per mob, but they will help in something to kill more fast while they exp great. You will search a party full alltime, not only ppl high grade gears. Fresh/lowe
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