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  1. make pvp area around epic bosses should make more competition for that and should eliminate toons and non-active player from battlefield, only active player can play on pvp area
  2. Hello everyone, This event gave the opportunity to several players to enjoy the game in almost all aspects, something that each of us looks for, this event has created harmony in the party to farm and fight with the enemy clans, something that has not happened since very much, the server had become afk xp and pk ponies war. Having adena in your pocket a player is more inclined to develop, and for you maybe (ncsoft west) to increase your income, because a happy customer is a customer who returns to buy. Regards.
  3. i've the same issue, 1 month to wait log in every today to have nothing
  4. Wody you are right, last update waste part of these things n ofc most of ppls left for these. i hope they will fix all these things cause the server is going down.
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