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  1. I came back to test out the Sylph class, because I think that would have been a cool class in Live. Needless to say less than a day later I realized that Aden just isn't too my liking at all. I sometimes get nostalgic about the early days of L2, but truth be told, I'm not a kid any more and I expect far more bang for my buck when it comes to gaming and entertainment value. I wish everyone who continues on with Aden well, but I'm out.
  2. Yep and even those alts are more stacked than 95% of the players on the server. Some battles just aren't worth the trouble.
  3. Yep. Add me to the chorus. Everything is working smoothly so far on my end, and I never imagined waking up with more Cocktails, Storm scrolls and other pots than I've used on one character. I'm having fun playing around with Stone of Destiny possibilities on dormant accounts/characters. Having fun with my Orc Sigel Main at the moment. I did notice, though that while the cocktails are tradeable via the Dimensional Merchant feature to other characters on the same account, the other pots in the compensation packet are not. Is that as intended?
  4. This is just how the game has always been. Spend billions to build your character and either the items you bought become obsolete, or your character class becomes obsolete. Truth be told, it works that way in real life, too.
  5. Players will always find a way to charge more than they can carry in their wallets. Plus, this is as much a result of real money impacting the in-game economy. If RMT never happened, and NCSoft didn't quietly support "soft RMT" by allowing players to resell items bought with NCoins in the L2 Store, we probably wouldn't see nearly as much adena out there -- not even after 17 years of game play. But what's done is done and Ando is right. We have to deal with the beast that we created as it exists now and going forward into the future. Either increase the amount of adena that a person can ca
  6. It didn't make sense to me either. I could understand if they removed all weapon modifications, but like you said, there are still plenty of weapons out there that still have their mods. Something doesn't add up.
  7. I'll still do the quests for passive stat boosts and such, but it's nice to have the option of buying the blessed exalted packs.
  8. Do you go to Blazing with melee classes, too? Must be hard to find anything to kill with all of the archers and nukers. Blazing is always overcrowded and there seems like less mobs overall. War Torn, you always find a spot. Not that you'll stay in that one spot for long. I set up AFK macro on one side of War Torn, went to sleep and woke up the next morning to find my character migrated to complete other side of WarT. And if you're just farming Exalted event items and not XP, you can get 80K items in a couple of days easy if you have multiple accounts.
  9. I am looking forward to this. Does the new Exalted Armor and challenger weapons now mean that the Exalted quests will be mostly ignored?
  10. Finally time to say goodbye to my Wynn Main. Tears of joy. Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence for all of the Mains to be sacrificed tomorrow to the Stone of Destiny.
  11. Doubtful. Whenever there is an NCStore limit on purchase frequency or quantity the items are almost never giftable.
  12. It would be nice if the consumables were tradeable to other characters on the same account. But I understand if that's not possible.
  13. For levels 105 - 108, PVE, some dailies, but mostly hunting field mobs aound my level (no higher than 110) overnight while I sleep. I want to maximize XP and not wake up to see my entire party wiped out. All characters are in Exalted gear. Nothing fancy. Is it a simple formula like 1 tank, 1 tyr, 1 ISS for buffs, and 3 DDs? Or can you get away with 1 ISS with 5 DDs? As for DDs, is it better to have nukers or archers for AOE? And for close quarters, dagger or Evi?
  14. Agree. Every year we complain about stuff we see elsewhere that we don't see from NCWest. Every year we get ignored. That's not to say that we don't get some items that they don't get, but when you look at it on the whole, we are the unwanted step children of L2 clearly.
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