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  1. There's only one way to make this right for players. Free Shilen Soul Crystals for all!
  2. The boxes have been dropping since last week in other places. I have been hunting Sel Mahum all week and never got a single 16th Anniversary Treasure Box. I did get the other Aden Treasure Box a bunch of times. It's possible that because Aden Treasure Boxes drop often it affects frequency of 16th Anniversary Treasure Box drops. Probably best to hunt elsewhere. What level is Fields of Massacre? Maybe I try that next.
  3. They gave out a similar pack for returning players including the 30 Greater Jewels last year, or maybe year before. For people who never get a chance at having a Greater Jewel it's a helpful boost, even if it's only temporary. The pack also gave a +7 Elmore Cloak (permanent). If I had to complain about anything, it's that the cloak should have been given, too. But seeing that we just had a cloak event, I can see why they didn't want to give those out now. It would just make people madder.
  4. Honest, straight answer, no. No, there isn't any quick way in game to make the billions, nay, trillions of adena that you'd need to outfit your character to be competitive in PVP or PVE. Maybe after many months of farming and creating multiple alts to farm the few areas where adena drops decently, you might earn enough to outfit 1 character with good equipment.
  5. It is bad for business, but I like that they are controlling population this way. Most hunting spots are already overloaded beyond capacity. And it saves me from having to block new annoying adena seller spam each day.
  6. Now that everyone has access to level 1 buffs, or even better buff pots from L2 store, and agathions like Taurus give BR, and even if they didn't, you really don't need to have prophecies for most normal mobs in common hunting places... ... is the future of my ISS in the unemployment line???
  7. The cheapest way is to set up a long-term Buy Shop in a busy town and purchase them from other players at "market" buy shop prices...or slightly higher, if you're in a rush. Don't buy them in bulk from AH. Those prices are almost always inflated.
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