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  1. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    All of this will be futile effort if one dont quit L2 for good, then seek treatment (I'd say quit all games for a while, just to be sure). And the most frustrating thing is to see all this money laundry crazyness happenning on a game that's not even bringin something new or joy to the players, because, let's be real here, since when any of we can say loudly "it was super fun to play this game in this weekend and I had a great time doing so" some couple past months, if not years? Setting up a thousand bot accounts in virtual machines to camp ppl at parnassus for 6h straight, or 2shot epic bosses with visa card gear isnt meant for joy, I'm sure. Fun fact: so I got a bit boo'ed down with game and its neverending routine of doing the same mf sht all day and just walked away, letting my BP subscription just expire for nothing, but guess what, you cant just wash away all the sins of the devil and I decided to try a new game in my mobile phone, just for those moments when I'm on coffee break at work or waiting the laundry to be ready and occupy my hands, and for my surprise: easy game, stunts graphics for a mobile version, easy-to-go classes and dungeons and quests, not bs % chance to craft main sets when you get on recquired levels (you reach the level, you got to kill your sht, you collect materials, you craft. easy 'n go) and, to MORTIFY ME, after a week playing and because of issues caused by a bad patching after maint, I got several mails with extra goodies and dozens of apologies for the 'inconvenience' that I may had suffered (and I was not even playing when this occurred. I was at work - they solved the issues with hours after it was noticed!). After this happened, all I could think was "NC, you have done me sooooooooooooooo wrong that I cant even!!"
  2. real question here

    well, if it's like that, then I hope soon the admin in charge of website's rights can put it back on track. Although a bit messy for my taste, it was a good source of real information and discussion (just reader here)
  3. Best class for newbies

    No, eviscerator wears fist, same with grand khavatary. In fact, this would be the best combo (evisc > gk bcuz of same exact equip), but since you seem to like to play mage-style, wynn wouldnt be that bad, tho. Yeah, I'd advise you to to invest on main (r99++ weapon) and grab a cheap elemented +7++ apo retri for wynn. Armor set is the same.
  4. real question here

    So as the title says, what happened to @rochand forums, is it down for good or what? couple past weeks and I cant access it, some warning says it get to be 'repaired' or smtg @Draecke @Yidao ?
  5. Best class for newbies

    Since OP seems to be fond of ertheians, best choice would be eviscerator then wynn dual. Just grab an cheap apo/r99 retri with elements and you r good to go.
  6. L2 players and Real Life

    Uh, boy, you'r that dense, arent you? jesus
  7. PvP and the tutorial

    The player communitty here has been sick for a while, now. The crazy P2W just escalate in response (and it's cheered up whenever a new ohF item is realeased on l2store).
  8. AF Instance Bug

    @Foxes ofc it's not necessary, your keyb, your rules, but it cuts down efficiency and xp ratio/time. It bothers me that you dedicate 2 important hot keys for 2 wasted skills, as you said you wouldnt use them
  9. PvP and the tutorial

    Pretty much they r killing you because they assume you r a bot. Before leaving town, pick buffs with the NPC Adventurer Guide, if you r lower than lv39, he shall automatically give you a set of buffs with a protection buff (looks like a coin) on. With this buff, you shouldn't be killed unless the harasser is 10- lvls with your level range. On another hand, I concur with @0nyx18 opinion and you should go away asap before you'r drowned too deep.
  10. Not totally. 1) in every aspect of L2 (be it a private ultra high rate pvp server), you still have to farm, but here comes the question if there's pleasure in that farm, after all? I guess 90% of playerbase whom is nowadays grown up dads with families and full time jobs and a minor of social life cant be pleased by sitting in front of their PC over 6-8h straight and call it a pleasure anymore. Like I said some time ago, the days of zombie-players r long gone, specially when L2 devs go against nowadays trends of popular mobile games (i.e) and, instead, work to make the player's life even harder lifting lvl caps and injecting every new strong items possible to mess even more with community by lifting goals every week and then; 2) Prices here r high because supply comes almost exclusively from outside means (aka L2store). Hell, even basic supply items (ie. ear/ewr/gems) r being injected to game via promos/dead *ss events/gamble because of the hard nerf over nerf that left current playerbase with no means to even try to achieve that in game, via normal playing. I dont speak for PvP aspect, but for a purely PvE player can get much more advantage playing in EU servers than here in NCwest, for obvious reasons: better ways to xp with wide scope of xp items, better access to L2store exclusive items that get to stay available to purchase fulltime, also access to most of those L2store items via ingame means (vide La En Rose via mammon), actual drops from farming, premium account what reduces the possibility of ocurrence of 1-man-army party everywhere like here, where our greedy fellows r so used to ("big clans where 1+a bunch of boxes person farm high xp/boss instances alone in despite of teaming up with clan members to help others/share their playtime" anyone?) They still have bots and pvp programs, even in a minor scale than here, tho.
  11. Kartia Extra Pass Issue

    Iirc, in this bundle pack you also receive an ancient kartia labyrinth stone + pass, so you can enter this instance twice. If you have the stone (a green one), talk with Kartia Manager npc and choose the ancient kartia labyrinth option (3rd one?), you shall be teleported to a different kartia where you should play the role of the boss fighting a bunch of adolph crew's alike npcs (1st floor you kill everything; 2nd floor you have to pick one side to help - just attack the opposing side; boss room you will face the squad npc - healer/iss/tank/dd, watch to use your skills wisely and try to run over the crystals when the msg pop up, to get some strong buff). Remember to get buffs/ssr before entering, it shall give a good amount of XP.
  12. AF Instance Bug

    @Longinus are you THAT guy bcuz, if not, why are you so salty? Srsly, get off my coat, smurff troll. Funny thing is you trying to play the sarcastic card when you have no point besides being lazy, like over 80% of current L2west community, and want to acknowdlege it
  13. AF Instance Bug

    Ever read about position before landing a skill? I'm aware of those obstacles in that instance, but you just need to move a bit to side then you can launch such skills like rush/jump, have done and have seen ppl doing it, both ways. But since you, a warrior player, didnt think about it by youself, I wont discuss it here either.
  14. AF Instance Bug

    Why do you run toward mobs while having Jump Attack at F3 and Hurricane Rush at F5? lol, no t no shade but... Stopped at 1:30h, thx bai
  15. SoulShot Explained

    It does increase or nerf your damage up to 25%, according to your scale of difference from atk/def element values. I.e.: now the motto is to achieve 720+ element attack, so you need around 550-600 to break the element difference and erase the 'nerf' being applyed to your attacks, and after that, you start to increase your dmg % as long you reach towards the 700+ element value. Below those 550-600, you'r being penalyzed up to 25%.