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  1. Obviously play whichever class you enjoy the most, but Sayha's Seer is not the best DD so it will take you longer to progress. At 99 go to Blazing Swamp (faster and easier than War-Torn Plains). It might be hard to find a free spot, though, but give it a try. At 99 you can get free buffs from the NPC. If you find it hard to solo, there are many open rooms in the Party Matching window for BS frequently. Once you complete the early Exalted quests (I can't remember which, I think it's the 1000 mobs one) you will get new better gear for free. At 99 you can also join parties to go to Abandoned Coal
  2. Can you only buy cloaks from other players? What is currently the price of a +0 Aden cloak (Naia)? Thanks.
  3. Horn Melody lvl 5 is supposed to give P.Atk + 30%, M. Atk + 100%, P. Def + 35%, M. Def + 40%. However, lately every time I use a cocktail, normal or 8 hours, there's a bug or something because Horn Melody is giving P. Def + 100% and M. Atk + 30% instead. Anyone else noticed it? (I'm on Naia)
  4. That's interesting. Anyone knows if it also works for magical skills? Because I'm not sure whether to enchant for power or crit rate.
  5. I'm not high-level, but I'm 108 so I know what you mean. My point is it's perfectly legit to play the markets to make money, but it being *the only* viable option besides spending real money is ridiculous. So I agree with your last point.
  6. Absolutely not! The problem here is the game mechanics and the way NC has decided this game works, not how the players play it. The criticism was directed to NC, not the players.
  7. Ok you people are being ridiculous. This is a game, I expect to have fun when I play it. It's what it's made for. If I wanted to play the markets I would play the real markets and try to make some real money out of it.
  8. So if I already have a M. Critical Rate of 500, should I look for ways to increase M. Skill critical rate? For example, some skills can be enchanted with a Wild option, which increases their critical rate. If I enchant these skills as Wild, will I crit more with these skills even if I still have the M Critical Rate stat as 500? In other words, is it better to enchant skills for Power or for Wild?
  9. Agreed. Now without the event bonuses not only is XPing a royal pain in the ass, farming adena went back to being nearly impossible.
  10. Nope. The Live servers don't have any old-fashioned quests, except perhaps the Savior's Path? Then you have like fishing quests, PK reduction, and nothing else. If you go on the map and click on world info -> quest info -> all quests, you'll get a list of all available quests.
  11. You're being banned because you're ruining the game for everyone else who just started and is just trying to level up and do some stupid quest for XP, and maybe some money too. You and all the other assholes who swarm ROA with auto-hunting little bitches and just come in and literally steal the mobs from genuinely low-level characters trying to play the game. Good job NCSoft for banning you.
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