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  1. It can never be super accurate because your xp % only shows 4 decimal places so you never really know what is the exact amount of % you gain.
  2. If anyone is interested, 107 -> 108 is about 1.5 quadrillion now.
  3. Good to know. Ideally I would probably try a +7 Aden. Seems like it would be cheaper than making my R110 bloody, cause that's bleeping insane.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm not aiming that high though, my other gear is pretty mediocre so if I invested a reasonable amount of real money it would be on a weapon first.
  5. Cool. Hopefully it will be soon. Were enchant scrolls also available at the store? Cause right now the price for one scroll is insane.
  6. It's baffling that we as players don't have the right to know this
  7. My toon is an elf. When I changed from Feoh Mystic Muse to Feoh Storm Screamer, did it retain the basic stats (INT, WIT, etc) of an elf or did they also change to the stats of a dark elf? I can't find this info clearly anywhere. Thank you. @Juji @Hime
  8. Some numbers to assess the ridiculousness of the current status quo: during the event I was making 40 to 60% (FORTY TO SIXTY) in Abandoned Coal Mines in 1 HOUR, at level 104. Today, at level 105, I made 1.4%.
  9. Ah cool, well, I guess I have to wait for this event again.
  10. Nah, not sure if they were ever in the L2 store but at the moment they're not.
  11. Obviously play whichever class you enjoy the most, but Sayha's Seer is not the best DD so it will take you longer to progress. At 99 go to Blazing Swamp (faster and easier than War-Torn Plains). It might be hard to find a free spot, though, but give it a try. At 99 you can get free buffs from the NPC. If you find it hard to solo, there are many open rooms in the Party Matching window for BS frequently. Once you complete the early Exalted quests (I can't remember which, I think it's the 1000 mobs one) you will get new better gear for free. At 99 you can also join parties to go to Abandoned Coal
  12. Can you only buy cloaks from other players? What is currently the price of a +0 Aden cloak (Naia)? Thanks.
  13. Horn Melody lvl 5 is supposed to give P.Atk + 30%, M. Atk + 100%, P. Def + 35%, M. Def + 40%. However, lately every time I use a cocktail, normal or 8 hours, there's a bug or something because Horn Melody is giving P. Def + 100% and M. Atk + 30% instead. Anyone else noticed it? (I'm on Naia)
  14. That's interesting. Anyone knows if it also works for magical skills? Because I'm not sure whether to enchant for power or crit rate.
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